5 Closing Phrases to Seal a Deal

BY Tim Londergan
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Your sales team looks to you for that silver bullet. You are the keeper of the key, the one they turn to when the deal stalls. Let’s take a hypothetical case: The salesperson has done their due diligence. This is a qualified prospect, and trust is strong. They have checked all the boxes in the sales process. They just need to push the deal over the summit, but they are still getting a “no”. What are the top 5 closing phrases to seal a deal?

Salespeople are not fond of scripted phases

Scripted phrases are a turnoff, especially if the wording feels disingenuous. Sellers are often reluctant to put undue pressure on their prospects. And with good reason:

  • It could ruin the relationship and rapport
  • It feels uncomfortable or manipulative
  • It does not fit their selling style

Sales is often a long game

The numbers tell us that 92% of salespeople report giving up on a prospect after hearing "no” four times. Now contrast that with the fact that 80% of prospects report saying “no” four times before they finally say “yes”. Realizing that a positive response is just on the other side of the next negative reply can give your reps hope and the motivation to proceed.

When it’s time for closing the sale, the top 5 closing phrases to seal a deal make all the difference. Sean McPheat, Managing Director of MTD Sales Training suggests these phrasing concepts that will ensure a positive response from the prospect. These recommendations allow your sellers to study the sequence, apply them to  their particular selling situation and create their own phrasing.

The top 5 closing phrases to seal a deal


If you decide to go ahead now, you will start saving/​improve profits/​increase production (whatever the agreed benefits are) as quickly as possible,” say McPheat.

Review Product Fit

In my sales experience, I often used the phrase, ”We've discussed the product and agreed it's a natural fit."

Emphasize Customer Service

My prospects appreciated hearing about my company's customer service at this point. And I reminded them that I would always be available to answer questions.

Move forward

McPheat says, “You said you would like to see results within three months. For that to happen, we should order and deliver within the next two to three weeks. If you sign today, I can get the paperwork completed and we can start. How does that sound?”

Make the close expected, stress-free

I suggest we move ahead and start the process. That way, your business will see the benefits as soon as possible. If there’s nothing holding us back, let’s get going,” says McPheat.

5 Closing Phrases to Seal the Deal

Your sales team deserves to be rewarded for making the calls, working through discovery, answering objections and bringing the prospect to the bottom of the sales funnel. As we know from above, you need to coach them to not give up too early. You owe it to them to share the top 5 closing phrases to seal a deal. It may be best way to help them stay emotionally engaged in the sales process and allow them to incorporate the phrases into their own selling style.