What Keeps Your B2B Prospects Up at Night?

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The worst question a B2B salesperson should ask is "tell me about your business." The second worst is "what keeps you up at night?" Ask one of these questions and you're toast.

In this revealing webinar, SalesFuel CEO C. Lee Smith will share his firm’s latest research to show you what today's B2B buyers want from you — and yes, what can keep them up at night.

Lee will give you the first look at SalesFuel's Voice of the B2B Buyer study conducted in June-​July 2023. It engaged with 1,021 decision-​makers and learned: 

  • The headwinds and challenges they expect for the next 3 years
  • Where you fit into their buying process
  • What will entice them to give up their contact info
  • What they want to achieve on their first call with a salesperson
  • And crucially, the real reasons they aren't responding to your outreach—even when you've pinpointed them as a promising lead

This revealing webinar will give you insight into the buyer's mind so you won't have to ask off putting questions that will damage your sales credibility. This insight will also allow attendees to ask smarter discovery questions and even help their prospects discover something about their own business and the consequences of maintaining the status quo. 

About C. Lee Smith

C. Lee Smith is the CEO and Founder of SalesFuel — a sales and marketing research firm based in Columbus, Ohio. Recognized as one of the world's Leading Sales Consultants for sales credibility and trust building by Selling Power magazine. Lee is a popular keynote speaker and the co-​host of the Manage Smarter show on iHeart Radio and C‑Suite Radio. He is the author of the Amazon bestsellers: "SalesCred: How Buyers Qualify Sellers" and the creator of the SalesCred mobile app for iOS and Android devices.