The 7 Types of Pre-​Call Intelligence Every B2B Seller Must Have

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Sales is not just a numbers game, it's an intelligence game. B2B buyers expect sellers to know their business and consistently bring relevant ideas for improving it. Remarkably, HALF of U.S. salespeople don’t even look at the prospect’s website before making their first call. When salespeople take just a few minutes to do pre-​call preparation using this framework, they stand apart from their competition.

During this follow-​up webinar to Lee's November 2021 session on Sales Credibility, you will learn:

  • What buyers want from salespeople — with more findings from SalesFuel's 2021 Voice of the Buyer study
  • The seven things to research before approaching a B2B decision-maker
  • How to get buyers to share their contact information with you at the top of the funnel
  • How better preparation can improve your ability to cut through the clutter of emails and LinkedIn messages