Adapting Your Sales Process to Gen Z and Millennial Buyers

BY C. Lee Smith
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The Next Evolution of the Sales Process Webinar Recap from SalesFuel and SalesIntel

Successful leaders know having quality data is key, but you also need great ops and processes that help you hit your quota consistently. Anything that can be done to make it smoother directly impacts your ability to win. 

SalesFuel CEO C. Lee Smith and SalesIntel's David Reed discuss what the next evolution of sales processes looks like in the future. They also reveal: 

  • Buyer behavior: before and during the sales process 
  • The differences between younger buyers and Gen X and Baby Boomer decision-makers
  • 4 research-​based insights that will shape the next evolution sales process

During this insightful webinar, Lee also unpacked SalesFuel’s latest Voice of the Buyer study which uncovers how purchase decisions are made in B2B organizations.