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Introducing SalesCred PRO, the strategic resource for B2B sales that fortifies your credibility using real-​time intelligence. It's about establishing yourself as a reliable source of knowledge and innovation, so you can have your recommendations taken seriously — and earn trust faster.

With SalesCred PRO, you'll measure your digital credibility score, refine it and build it. Our platform features real-​time research and AI-​powered tools to amplify your influence across all channels — online, email, face-​to-​face, LinkedIn, and even Zoom calls — for every client you serve.

With SalesCred PRO, you're not just another voice in the room — you're the expert advisor they've been seeking.

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Digital Credibility Scoring

71% of B2B buyers search the salesperson's name online before they talk to them. Since you can't master what you can't measure, SalesCred PRO scores how prospects see you (before they'll see you). It will even guide you to make changes that can improve your online perception.

  • Review the content you post online to reveal how a buyer perceives your expertise in their industry.
  • Rank your perceived expertise by topic and scores your company's expertise — which also impacts your credibility.
  • Score the effectiveness of your LinkedIn profile with tips for improving each section.
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Pre-​Sales Research

Today's buyers want more than just someone they "know, like, and trust." B2B decision-​makers seek a trustworthy expert who knows what they're talking about and knows how to help. SalesCred PRO's business intelligence makes sales preparation easier, so you to spend less time clicking and more time selling.

  • Just enter their domain name, and SalesCred PRO compiles your prospect's 7 C's of Pre-​Sales Research in real-​time.
  • You'll also get exclusive buyer behavior research and other proprietary data your competitors can't get from ChatGPT or a Google search.
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20% of B2B buyers have already seen content online that looks a computer wrote it. SalesCred PRO harnesses the power of AI for sales communications to help you stand out for the right reasons. The CredWriter tool enables you to overcome writer's block, create SEO-​friendly content and write personalized sales email for maximum authority.

  • Use your personalized Authority Statements for answering the question "Why should I listen to them?"
  • Create first drafts of email, texts and LinkedIn messages factoring in the communication style of the recipient.
  • Use proprietary and verified research sources to avoid embarrassing made-​up data that destroys credibility.
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Competitive Intelligence

30% of B2B decision-​makers will disqualify a salesperson for badmouthing the competition. But you still need to compare yourself accurately, respectfully and credibly. SalesCred PRO's real-​time Competitive Intelligence help you stay up-​to-​date on what your biggest threats are up to.

  • It displays your competitor's new online content and website updates.
  • It includes your competitor's latest LinkedIn articles and other social media postings.
  • It aggregates their latest mentions in the news — and on other third-​party websites.
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Science-​based Sales Communication Coach

Communicate so you can be heard — and get the most from every conversation. SalesCred PRO provides sales communication guidance based on proven brain science. It only takes two easy observations about what they write, how they talk or how they act.

  • Scores the buyer's likelihood to trust a new salesperson on the first conversation.
  • Personality-​based tips on building rapport, asking probing questions, negotiating better, closing faster and more.
  • Plus, tips for emails, texts, LinkedIn messages and all communication.
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Apps for Zoom
and Mobile Devices

1 in 5 B2B buyers experienced Zoom fatigue during the past year. SalesCred PRO was built to be used in a browser, on our mobile app and INSIDE Zoom. The SalesCred mobile app for Apple iOS and Google Android devices already has more than 200,000 downloads worldwide.

  • Get personality-​based tips for generating engagement during Zoom calls and getting the most out of them.
  • Discover conversation starters for each person in attendance.
  • Get smarter, faster with SalesCred PRO's real-​time prospect research.

Be prepared to be credible.
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Every B2B sales team needs credibility to win the trust of the people they serve. Without credibility, there is no trust. Without trust, there is no sale.

But for sales teams in some verticals, a high degree of credibility is not just required, it's crucial for handling sensitive data, providing vital services, and building the long-​term relationships needed to be successful:

  • Financial Services
  • Wealth Management
  • IT and Network Services
  • Legal Services
  • Business Consulting
  • Marketing Agencies
  • Real Estate
  • Construction Services and Architecture
  • Health Care and Medical
  • Recruiting Firms
  • Education Providers

If any of these sound like your team, SalesCred PRO was made for building credibility and accreting buyer trust — which multiplies opportunities to close deals that will transform your career.

Yes. In your role, you're always looking for new clients, new employees, and maybe even new investors. All of these ventures require a high level of sales credibility — both online and in-​person. And if you are consulting others, credibility becomes crucial.

One of the first things every buyer looks for on a website is the pricing. But we don't provide cookie-​cutter solutions with one-​size-​fits-​all pricing. Your quote will be based on:

  • Number of seats.
  • Subscription term.
  • Additional services needed.

All SalesCred PRO clients of five seats or more get a dedicated Account Manager. Beta testers receive discounted rates and earn special perks.

Schedule a free consultation.

Since 1989, SalesFuel, the company behind SalesCred PRO, has empowered more than 150,000 sales executives to build credibility with prospects by understanding their business, sharing relevant research and asking smarter discovery questions. We have served some of the largest (and smallest) sales teams with exclusive research, proprietary data and the skills to use it.

Yes. In addition to standard on-​boarding training, our SalesCred PRO clients also have two learning programs available to them:

  1. SalesCred Certification — This e‑learning course is provided as part of your SalesCred PRO subscription. It will make you an expert at building credibility with accounts and prospects using the Hierarchy of Sales Credibility. Each module includes an exercise and knowledge check. Upon completion of each module, you will receive a digital badge — a credential you can display on LinkedIn or social media.
  2. SalesCred Master Classes — These live, immersive and inclusive master classes are customized to your unique personalities and objectives.We identify sales credibility gaps for the company and each salesperson and what's causing them. Then we use our expertise, and crowdsource the wisdom in the room, to develop strategies for improving these perceptions. SalesCred Master Classes are delivered by Zoom or in person. Best for teams of 10–50 people. They are included in the highest service tier of SalesCred PRO subscriptions and are available a la carte to all other clients.

Learn more about SalesCred learning programs

SalesCred PRO platform support is provided by using the Help+Support option on the menu. Your service level may also provide you with a dedicated account manager.

Credibility Coaching is available for an additional fee by Global Sales Credibility Authority C. Lee Smith. Learn more here.

SalesFuel, Inc. will never share your personal or business information with any third party. Please view SalesFuel’s privacy policy for more information.

CRM integration is under development and will be available in the next release. The following CRMs will be able to share data with SalesCred PRO:

  • Salesforce
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Act!
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Close​.io
  • Copper
  • Hubspot
  • Pipedrive
  • Salesflare
  • Zendesk Sell
  • Zoho CRM

Yes. We reward credible consultants for subscriptions resulting from their referrals. Ask us for more information.

SalesCred and SalesCred PRO was created by C. Lee Smith

Lee is one of the country’s foremost experts on developing high-​performing sales teams and a ground-​breaking leader on sales credibility. He is the author of the Amazon bestseller SalesCred: How Buyers Qualify Sellers and CEO of sales research firm SalesFuel.

Lee was named one of Selling Power Magazine’s Leading Sales Consultants for seven straight years. He has more than 30 years of experience in sales and sales management. He is also a Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst who understands the brain science of influence.

Lee is a dynamic keynote speaker, C‑Suite Network Advisor and member of the Entrepreneur Leadership Network. He is also the co-​host of the Manage Smarter™ show on Spotify, iHeart Radio and C‑Suite TV.

SalesCred PRO was created by and is supported by SalesFuel. Recognized as one of the top sales enablement solution providers by Selling Power magazine, this Columbus, Ohio-​based sales research firm has been empowering sales professionals to Sell Smarter® for 35 years.


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