Pre-​Hire Assessment Tool for Wealth Management

Use better behavioral assessments to build high-​performing teams in wealth management.

High net worth investors expect to be catered to when money management is the topic. They’ve worked hard to achieve success, and they want to know they can trust the person who is giving them financial advice.

But registered investment advisors (RIA) are leaving the field at an alarming rate. And up to 75% of “rookie advisors” will not be in the field for the long term. To reduce this costly turnover, you need to hire the right people, starting with the use of better pre-​hire assessments.

If you're looking for a better alternative that provides better assessments at a better value, then you need to check out TeamTrait.

Success in wealth management starts with hiring better people.

A simple skills-​based test will reveal whether a candidate knows the difference between a debt security and a derivative. But your wealth managers must offer more than technical skill. The ability to listen to what a prospect is saying, and what they are not saying, is key to delivering top-​notch service.

You’ll learn which candidates have naturally strong soft skills such as empathy, decision-​making and social awareness after they take the 20-​minute TeamTrait psychometric assessment.

With this information, hiring managers can use suggested interview questions to dig deeper. They can learn whether a candidate with low problem-​solving skills is open to coaching and training.

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"I have used and am very familiar with several other sales /​ workplace assessments and TeamTrait is my preferred choice. The behavioral consulting and the ability to look at different job classifications/​manager fits for the employee made it an easy choice."
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TeamTrait's 3 core assessments can be completed in as little as 15–20 minutes

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TeamTrait is the right tool to help you develop and retain your workforce.

As private investors enjoy longer retirements and want to direct money to favorite causes, including upcoming generations, experts believe the need for “intelligent advisors” will increase. Wealth managers will work with a broader team of specialists including tax attorneys, accountants, and representatives from private equity funds.

Supervisors of planning consultants and RIAs can use psychometric assessment data to determine which employees are motivated by money versus the desire to be creative. This information can guide their decision on how to match advisors with clients.

As you explore a potential promotion or lateral transfer for an employee, check TeamTrait’s 4 Fits™ Simulator tool. With that information, you’ll know which aspects of a position the employee will master and where they may face challenges.

Use TeamTrait to improve self awareness in your wealth management firm.

When employees understand their behavioral profiles, they are more likely to feel valued and understood, leading to increased engagement and motivation. TeamTrait can guide leaders in tailoring their motivation strategies to fit the unique drivers of each team member.

TeamTrait provides greater confidence in navigating difficult conversations with situational communication tips based on their employee's unique personality.

TeamTrait's behavioral assessments can identify the roles individuals naturally take on within a team, such as leadership, problem solving or operational support. This knowledge helps in structuring teams with complementary skills and working styles, leading to improved collaboration and productivity.

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TeamTrait can reveal skill gaps for your business development associates.

It’s important to always be hunting new clients in the wealth management industry, which means placing sales-​oriented associates and managers into the right positions.

When it comes to your firm, TeamTrait can help you hire individuals who possess the best sales skills. Our proprietary test for sales-​related positions will show you a candidate’s strengths when it comes to prospecting for new clients as well as closing deals.

TeamTrait’s world-​class Sales Acumen assessment from SalesFuel reveals the mindset and sales-​related strengths and weakness of each applicant. During the interview, hiring managers can also use behavioral questions based on assessment results. For example, you can specifically address flagged concerns such as their comfort level in challenging misconceptions about specific types of investment.

TeamTrait is the best pre-​hire assessment and aptitude testing platform
for building high-​performing teams in wealth management and brokerages.
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