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Top 10 Outstanding Traits to Look for When Hiring Sales Reps

When hiring sales reps, you know what you want. But do you understand which traits really matter when interviewing candidates for these positions?

How to Spot a Candidate with Personal Integrity

Hiring managers are always looking for the best possible candidate. Often, they’d like to fill an open position with a person who’s similar to the good employee who left.

How to Find the Best People for Sales Jobs

The unemployment rate for sales professionals rose from 3.8% to 4.1% between August 2022 and August 2023. That slight increase doesn’t mean it will be any easier for managers to hire great candidates for their open sales jobs.

5 Reasons Why Job Applicants Must Take a Behavioral Assessment

For many years, job applicants had the edge in the marketplace. They could answer the interviewers’ questions in a way that they believed would win them the position.

Top Behavioral Interview Questions You Need to Ask A Candidate

As a manager, your most important job is helping your employees succeed. But employees don’t stay with an organization forever, which means you must be prepared to find new team members.

How to Identify the Best Character Traits During a Job Interview

Hiring managers often fall victim to bias as they review applications and consider how candidates present themselves in an interview. The “similarity attraction” bias, described by Angelica Guttierez, happens when interviewers like candidates who went to the same college they did.

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Manage Smarter 220 — Bryan Adams: Stop Sugarcoating When Hiring

Bryan is the CEO and founder of Ph.Creative, recognized as one of the leading employer brand agencies in the world. He is also the author of Give & Get Employer Branding. In this episode, we discuss: how an employer brand can decrease regrettable employee losses and increase retention; examples of how to let prospective employees have a realistic view

How Internal Job Promotion and Recognition Drive Retention

How often do you remember to praise your employees? If you’re working with long-​standing team members who fall into the Gen X or older age groups, the lack of frequent recognition may not be an issue.

Is Your Ideal Hire a Member of Gen Z?

If you’re running a small or medium-​size business, you might be asking how you can compete with large companies when it comes to hiring the best talent. You want to make the ideal hire and find a team member who’s willing to grow with your company.

Reduce Employee Turnover with These Tips

Today’s organizational leaders have a unique opportunity to reduce employee turnover and launch a modernized employee experience to secure their future.

Are Your Sales Candidates Taking Pre-​​Employment Assessment Tests?

As we approach the midyear point, have you been checking in with your reps on how they’re doing with respect to quota? The State of Sales Readiness 2022 Benchmark Report from Mindtickle points out that only 43% of sellers typically meet quota.

When Managers Delegate, Employees Get Promoted

Delegation helps those with goals of getting promoted and relieves stress for managers.

The Best Positive Work Traits to Build a Successful Team

Positive work traits are crucial considerations for building successful teams.

The Danger of Hiring for Cultural Fit

In this era of challenging hiring conditions, some organizations remain focused on bringing in candidates who have the right cultural fit. Hiring managers reason that prospective employees who are like everyone else in the organization will “fit in.”

Use Motivation Traits Data to Improve Hiring Outcomes

When we talk with organizations about the importance of using pre-​employment assessments, we sometimes hear they don’t have time for that step in the hiring process. They’re worried candidates will ghost them if they are asked to take an assessment.

Are High-​​Performing Employees More Optimistic?

Customer satisfaction is expressly why managers should look for optimistic characteristics when hiring high performing employees.

6 Crucial Mindset Behavioral Analysis Traits for New Hires

Are you ready to make an offer to a top-​notch candidate who’s applied for your open position? Given the current state of the employment market, we don’t blame you being in a hurry.

Your Key Accounts Deserve the Qualities of a Good Worker

Ultimately, you need a collaborative support staff with the qualities of a good worker to rescue key accounts when things go wrong.

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