Manage Smarter 220 — Bryan Adams: Stop Sugarcoating When Hiring

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Bryan Adams is the CEO and founder of Ph.Creative, recognized as one of the leading employer brand agencies in the world. Ph. specializes in building world-​class employer brand, EVP and talent engagement strategy for companies such as Apple, American Airlines, British Telecom and Virgin.

Bryan is a specialist speaker and a 2x best-​selling author of Getting Goosebumps and Give & Get Employer Branding. He is considered a prominent employer brand thought leader and his creative, unconventional, and even controversial methodologies are said to regularly change the way people think about employer branding and EVP. 

In this podcast and vodcast for sales managers and sales leaders, Audrey, Lee and Bryan discuss:

  • What is an employer brand?
  • Examples of how to let prospective employees have a realistic view of what working at your company is really like
  • Timing of employer brand rollout in the hiring process
  • How an employer brand can decrease regrettable employee losses and increase retention
  • His brush with greatness with the Canadian rockstar of the same name. 

"Employer branding is very important if you own or run a business, or even manage a team. It’s a strategic approach that aligns your business strategy with attracting and retaining the people you need to win.”

Bryan Adams

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