Manage Smarter 229 — Matt Blumberg: How To Create a Good Board

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Matt Blumberg is a technology entrepreneur, business builder, and CEO of Bolster, an on-​demand executive talent marketplace that helps accelerate companies’ growth by connecting them with experienced, highly vetted executives for interim, fractional, advisory, project-​based or board roles. 

Matt has been recognized as one of New York’s 100 most influential technology leaders by Business Insider, by Crain’s as one of New York’s Top Entrepreneurs, and by Ernst & Young as an Entrepreneur of the Year finalist. Before Bolster, Matt built businesses and worked in marketing, consulting, and venture capital. He is the author of Startup CEO, Startup CXO, and Startup Boards.

In this podcast for sales managers and sales leaders, Audrey, and Matt discuss:

  • How boards work and definitions of a good board vs. a bad board
  • Why should a startup or company in growth stage create a board of directors and what are the benefits?
  • How boards increase credibility
  • Creating a board including size, composition, roles of VCs and independent directors, what to look for in a director, and how to recruit directors
  • Celebrities on boards

"The top problems CEOs have when building boards are (a) not adding independent directors, and (b) saying they want diversity on the board…but then saying they only want to add independent directors who have already been board members before (by definition a very small pool…and by definition not expanding the pool of available underrepresented directors).”

Matt Blumberg

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