Manage Smarter 230 — Charles Price: Escape the Tyranny of Numbers

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Attorney Chuck Price, with 40 years of experience managing legal teams and trying cases. He was named one of the five most influential commercial litigators in Arizona by AZ Business Leaders magazine. He has taught management and negotiation to sales representatives, sales managers and others around the country. 

He is the author of Rewiring the White Collar Mind, which analyzes how workplace incentives can lead to professional success but personal unhappiness, and gives practical steps to help us transcend those messages.

In this podcast for sales managers and sales leaders, Audrey, and Chuck discuss:

  • How sales and other professionals can escape the “Tyranny of Numbers.”
  • How do reframe KPIs and having a healthier relationship with goals tied to your job
  • How to make your employees feel included, valued and respected to reduce turnover
  • How to retrain your brain on reconciling the stress of handling payroll and budget numbers
  • Better ways to manage work/​life balance

"People have a wide variety of personality types, backgrounds, and strengths. The key is figuring out exactly who you're managing, and motivate them according to how they're wired, not how you're wired.”

Chuck Price

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