Manage Smarter 224 — Jody Grunden: The Most Important Money Metrics

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Jody Grunden is the author of Digital Dollars and Cents. He co-​founded Summit CPA Group (Summit) in 2002, which merged with Anders CPAs + Advisors (Anders) in 2022. Summit, now a division of Anders, was the first fully distributed accounting firm. As the leading provider of Virtual CFO Services in North America, Summit provides professional Virtual CFO Services for over 100 companies across the United States, helping business owners dive deep into the financial side of their business to maximize profits, minimize taxes, and increase cash flow.

In this podcast for sales managers and sales leaders, Audrey, David and Jody discuss:

  • The Four Most Important Financial Metrics for Growing Your Business
  • Cash flow as it relates to profit
  • Jody’s recommendations on accurate financial forecasting
  • How to preserve the bottom line no matter what changes happen in real time
  • How to grow the company financially while maintaining firm control and agility 

"The biggest mistake managers make is not knowing or understanding their non-​financial KPIs.

Jody Grunden

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