Manage Smarter 225 — Dana Pharant: Become a Badass in Business

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Dana Pharant grew up in a cult and in her journey to healing became a Dominatrix. She's the author of "Become a Badass in Business.” These days, she has changed gears to help leaders show up with true authenticity and confidence by standing in what she calls the Inner Dominatrix energy. 

Her training and philosophy show leaders how to become a badass in life and business by being unique and standing in your own personal power.

In this podcast for sales managers and sales leaders, Audrey, and Dana discuss:

  • Definition of Badass Leadership and how leaders can transition from submissive leadership to dominant leadership styles
  • Inner Dominatrix energy channeling for leaders
  • Finding the courage to make bold decisions outside your leadership comfort zone
  • How her cult upbringing drove her to the business philosophy she has today showcasing empowered leadership
  • Tangible exercises to shift your mindset

"For the term dominatrix, most people think in terms of what Hollywood presents. But what a dominatrix is actually about is taking people on this journey where we use pain as a way to transform what is going on in your life and to drop you into a space where you can see you are far more powerful than you thought.

Dana Pharant

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