1,001 Ways to (Re)Engage Your Sales Team

BY C. Lee Smith
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Help people do better what they do best.” This advice from Dr. Bob Nelson reminds managers that when workers are engaged, there’s a big advantage: For the organization, the manager AND the employee. 

The Gallup Organization reports that the percentage of engaged employees nationwide is just 32 percent. The rest? They’re uninvolved, unenthused and uncommitted to their jobs, their managers or the organizations they work for. 

In this session, Dr. Bob will explore the top drivers of employee engagement based on research from his latest book, 1001 Ways to ENGAGE Employees and how to impact those elements. Find out what successful managers at top organizations are doing to get the best from their employees—and what you can do as well! This presentation will cover: 

  • Engaging a Sales team 
  • Sales team coaching 
  • Appreciation and Recognition for teams 
  • What matters most to workers: A look at the research 
  • How to effectively build trusting relationships where expectations are clear 
  • Ways to recognize employees to better drive performance 
  • Having an ongoing focus on career growth and development 
  • The role of the manager: Communicating expectations & accountability 
  • Best practices, lessons and ideas from the leading organizations today 

Attendees in this session will learn: 1) The research-​based factors that most impact employee engagement, 2) company examples of what those engagement factors look like in practice, and 3) take-​home techniques and ideas they can immediately apply back in their organizations.