Pre-​Hire Assessment Tool for Marketing Agencies

Use better behavioral assessments to build high-​performing teams for marketing agencies.

Marketing agencies may lose up to 17% of their client base each year. In other cases, clients may move on because they feel underserved or are looking for a rockstar with fresh ideas.

Unfortunately, the average turnover rate at advertising agencies amounts to nearly 25%. The message is clear: Marketing agencies can improve their billings by hiring the right team members for the right roles. And that starts with using pre-​hire assessments to understand their mindset and likely behavior under the stress of a deadline.

If you're looking for a better alternative that provides better assessments at a better value, then you need to check out TeamTrait.

Successful marketing agencies prioritize hiring better people.

You know exactly the type of soft skills required for each position. There’s no substitute for the new business hunter that can land the big accounts or a creative individual who can envision exactly the kind of campaign that will appeal to a target audience.

Until now, you may have been relying on applicants to list their strengths during an interview. In truth, they may not understand their strengths or weaknesses, especially in the context of a marketing agency setting. Or they stretch the truth because they hope to be hired into a specific role.

You no longer have to guess how a candidate will think and behave in a high pressure workplace. After they complete a 20-​minute TeamTrait psychometric assessment, you’ll know how well they will fit with your team before they join your team.

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TeamTrait's 3 core assessments can be completed in as little as 15–20 minutes

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TeamTrait is the right tool to help you develop and retain your workforce.

Part of successful workforce management requires matching employees with the right supervisor. Our tool provides a detailed analysis of the ways a specific manager will succeed and face challenges when supervising a candidate. The information can help you avoid making a bad hire. It can also help managers understand how to adjust their style to meet an employee’s needs.

TeamTrait guides marketing agency leaders who must navigate situations involving dissatisfied employees. When employees are unhappy because they do not like their job or want a promotion, supervisors use TeamTrait data to determine which department or position will be a good fit for their interests and skills.

Use TeamTrait to improve self awareness and reduce drama.

When employees understand their behavioral profiles, they are more likely to feel valued and understood, leading to increased engagement and motivation. TeamTrait can guide leaders in tailoring their motivation strategies to fit the unique drivers of each team member.

TeamTrait provides greater confidence in navigating difficult conversations with situational communication tips based on their employee's unique personality.

TeamTrait's behavioral assessments can identify the roles individuals naturally take on within a team, such as leadership, problem solving or operational support. This knowledge helps in structuring teams with complementary skills and working styles, leading to improved collaboration and productivity.

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TeamTrait can reveal skill gaps for your sales representatives.

Whether you employ business development representatives, account managers or sales executives, you need engaged professionals on your team. Your business development representatives must consistently prospect to identify potential new business. Your sales account executives must use consultative selling skills to guide leads through the sales funnel.

When it comes to your agency, TeamTrait can help you hire individuals who possess the best sales skills. Our proprietary test for sales-​related positions will show you a candidate’s strengths when it comes to prospecting for new clients as well as closing deals.

TeamTrait’s world-​class Sales Acumen assessment from SalesFuel reveals the mindset and sales-​related strengths and weakness of each applicant. During the interview, hiring managers can also use behavioral questions based on assessment results. For example, you can specifically address flagged concerns such as toxicity, risk aversion or their comfort level when presenting your creative work.

TeamTrait is the best pre-​hire assessment and aptitude testing platform
for building high-​performing teams in marketing agencies, media companies and advertising agencies.
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