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Use better behavioral assessments to build high-​performing teams in commercial banking.

McKinsey reports that the financial services industry is poised to grow enormously from now through 2028. While some of that growth will be achieved through AI-​based technology, commercial banking institutions, credit unions and fintech companies still need to hire.

In addition, some sectors in this industry, especially banking, are struggling with a 20% attrition rate. To stop this costly turnover, you need to hire the right people who are best suited to open positions. their potential manager and work environment. And that starts with the use of better pre-​hire assessments.

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Success in commercial banking starts with hiring better people.

In today’s tight job market, it’s tempting to hire candidates who appear eager to fill your open position. But they may be desperate to leave their current position and might not be interested in a long-​term career with you.

How can you know a candidate’s true intentions? It’s risky to base your decision solely on what they tell you in an interview.

You can learn more about an applicant’s mindset and likely behavior in a working setting by using TeamTrait. The 20-​minute psychometric assessment delivers guidance and data that reduces your risk of hiring the wrong person for the job.

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"TeamTrait not only allows me to see the sales competency of the employee but also allows me to see the manager fit, which is one of the aspects of Team Trait I value most."
— Business Sales Director of a regional bank





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TeamTrait is the right tool to help you develop and retain your workforce.

As younger employees make up a large part of the workforce in financial services, they bring different mindsets and expectations into the mix. Managers can develop personalized career pathing and offer unique training programs to help employees prepare for the next level in the organization and to increase retention.

Using TeamTrait data, managers can also determine which employees will excel in a special project situation. Whether it’s launching a new product or evaluating the potential purchase of a service, participating on a temporary team is an important aspect of professional development.

These temporary teams succeed when they are comprised of the right employees. One employee typically leads the team. Another team member will excel at developing creative ideas. Managers armed with TeamTrait data can assemble employees who will work well together on short and long-​term assignments and contribute to the success of your business.

Use TeamTrait to improve self awareness and reduce drama.

When employees understand their behavioral profiles, they are more likely to feel valued and understood, leading to increased engagement and motivation. TeamTrait can guide leaders in tailoring their motivation strategies to fit the unique drivers of each team member.

TeamTrait provides greater confidence in navigating difficult conversations with situational communication tips based on their employee's unique personality.

TeamTrait's behavioral assessments can identify the roles individuals naturally take on within a team, such as leadership, problem solving or operational support. This knowledge helps in structuring teams with complementary skills and working styles, leading to improved collaboration and productivity.

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TeamTrait can reveal skill gaps for your commercial banking associates.

Your associates must understand the credit markets and treasury services, while your business bankers must originate and grow their portfolio of business. A deep knowledge of the banking system is a must, and your sales professionals must build trust with their clients.

When it comes to your business, TeamTrait can help you hire individuals who possess the best sales skills. Our proprietary test for sales-​related positions will show you a candidate’s strengths when it comes to prospecting for new clients as well as closing deals.

TeamTrait’s world-​class Sales Acumen assessment from SalesFuel reveals the mindset and sales-​related strengths and weakness of each applicant. During the interview, hiring managers can also use behavioral questions based on assessment results. For example, you can specifically address flagged concerns such as their comfort level in solving customers’ problems.

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