B2B Sales Closing Techniques Sellers Should Be Using

BY Jessica Helinski
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Are you using the most effective B2B sales closing techniques? If not, you’re missing out on the opportunity to capitalize on the most crucial part of the sales process. While each step in the process matters, it’s the close that ultimately makes the sale yours. 

As Intelliverse adds, “the entire effort made by the sales rep culminates at this step.”

Specific techniques have proven to be more effective than others. Though it can be tough to change your strategy, it’s worth the effort to improve your close. Knowing the best practices and adopting them can level up your success. 

3 B2B Sales Closing Techniques to Adopt

One of the most effective techniques sellers use to close involves visualization. Painting a picture for a buyer of your solution in action helps them understand what they are buying and why. Rachel Cooper, writing for RevenueGrid, explains that this technique aligns with our brains.

90% of people perceive the world and make decisions based on the visual input data,” she explains.

Inviting prospects to visualize using your solution may not come easily at first. Tap into storytelling to help “show” them your offering in action. SalesFuel shares advice for using storytelling to close, including the “EPIC” strategy:

E — Empathy

P — Problem

I — Impact

C — Change and call to action

Each letter stands for an element that you should add to your story. Take a look at the article for details and how to implement it into the visualization technique. 

The Puppy Close

This is one of the more well-​known B2B sales closing techniques. It’s based on the idea that you let the prospect test out, or “take home,” your solution. Then they will fall in love and want to buy. 

It’s one of the simplest, yet actionable and effective sales closing techniques,” Cooper writes. 

Offer your prospect a free trial. This gives them a chance to be hands-​on with your offering and experience it in action. This can give them the reassurance, and drive, to buy. 

And Lead2Pipeline reports, “Conversion rates are generally higher when free trials are offered, and even more so for B2B companies.”

If giving a free trial isn’t feasible, there’s another way to use this B2B sales closing technique. Consider offering a demo, which allows them to see how the solution works and walks them through using it.  Take a look at these best practices for using demos to win over prospects. 

Either of these strategies can help your prospect become even more familiar with your offerings. They get the opportunity to see how well it integrates into their own business. And hopefully, help them realize how much they need it. 

The Analytics Close

An important aspect of closing is personalizing your strategy to each prospect, according to Jen Gustavson

Your approach will shift based on the prospect with whom you’re engaging and what their needs are.

If you are working with a very analytical buyer, this B2B sales closing technique would be a great choice. It aligns your approach with how these prospects make decisions. 

Cooper recommends “compiling lists of your product’s advantages (and disadvantages too) in advance.”

Then, present these lists to the prospect during the close. Include as much data as possible to demonstrate the value you can deliver. Case studies can also add impact by showing real-​life implementation and success. Even better if you use a study from a client who is similar. 

Each of these three B2B sales closing techniques have proven to be effective and can help you improve close rates. And again, keep in mind that you should align your close approach with the needs and preferences of each prospect. 

Adopting these best practices ensure that you end the sales process with a powerful close that resonates with the buyer. And for even more opportunities to add to your strategy, take a look at these other pro tips.

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