Positivity is One of the Top Sales Tips for Success

BY Tim Londergan
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I rarely encounter a negative salesperson. Sure, as a customer I’ve had reps who were overwhelmed or in a foul mood but nothing too devastating. So, to rank sales tips for success, positivity must be close to the top.

However, I have had an insecure sales manager who compensated by micromanaging and surveilling which made the team feel distrusted. Why else did he schedule mandatory sales meetings on Monday mornings and Friday afternoons? A salesperson could only be excused by providing the client-​call purpose and the phone number of the account.

Sellers were exempt employees responsible for quotas and call logs, yet these meetings were equivalent to a "bed check." Furthermore, the manager covered his self-​doubt with sarcasm and cynicism that was undeniable except to himself.

Therefore, I know first-​hand, that an outside influence can cause negativity. But successful sellers have a way to rise above adversity and keep a positive outlook.

Sales Tips for Success Begin with an Open Mind

Just as a leader’s insecurity infects their subordinates, an accompanying negative attitude and cynicism can follow. Admittedly, I found it tough to respect and produce for a manager who doubted my integrity. However, I knew that the company was solid, and sales managers were fleeting – especially incompetent ones.

We are all reflections of our experiences and our opportunities. Yet, thankfully, according to the Deloitte Center for Ethical Leadership, cynicism is not a fixed trait. In fact, by keeping an open mind, and seeking what’s good in our world, we can change our perspective.

Being open-​minded can be hard. And, as stated by verywellmind​.com, “being knowledgeable about something can contribute to closed-​mindedness.” Our "expertise" can make us “less willing to take in new information and entertain new ideas."

An open mindset allows you to positively receive new ideas and information. It means you’ll be objective when you approach new things. Open-​minded people tend to exhibit these characteristics:

  • Being curious to hear what others think
  • Being open to having their ideas challenged
  • Not feel angry when they are wrong
  • Have empathy for other people
  • Being humble about their own knowledge and expertise
  • They want to hear what others have to say
  • They believe others have a right to share their beliefs and thoughts

Positivity Creates a Huge Competitive Advantage

It’s been said that succeeding in sales is 95% mental. If you don’t think you can land a deal, you’re probably right. However, if you remain positive, you have a huge competitive advantage.

Dan Tyre, writing for Hubspot provides tips for staying positive in sales. Helpfully, he offers advice on everything from beginning your day to reframing your mistakes as learning experiences. Many of his ideas you can incorporate today!

Tyre states that achieving a positive mindset takes practice, and it requires you to focus on what you can control. Importantly, view mistakes and items from the past as training exercises that help you move on. Firm belief in your product and the company’s vision makes it easier to stay positive.

Here are just a few of the ideas on how to stay positive in sales:

Make a visual representation of your annual goals. Seeing the path forward is a powerful motivator. It’s easier to focus on the positive rather than the day-​to-​day problems.

Begin with a strong foundation. Healthy habits and daily exercise should become routine. Eating right, sleeping well and making time for self-​care are pillars of performance. Notice when you are feeling "off" and give yourself a needed break.

Prioritize positive connections. Check in with people in your network who can affirm your attributes and make you feel good about yourself. Build more of those relationships.

Our research shows that 46% of sales reps believe they need positivity to succeed at their jobs. But achieving that state of mind is not always easy. The best sales tip for success is to remind yourself that you are providing service for the betterment of others.

Photo by Binti Malu on Pexels​.com