How Sellers With Challenging Jobs Stay Motivated

BY Jessica Helinski
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Sales is one of the most challenging jobs out there. And maintaining motivation in the industry can be difficult. 

SalesFuel’s Voice of the Sales Rep study revealed that sellers struggle with various aspects of their jobs. Weaknesses and struggles include managing accounts, providing customer service and returning calls and emails. 

Additionally, nearly 30% say it’s harder to meet corporate expectations, and 25% of sellers experience Zoom fatigue. 

Finding Motivation When Dealing With Challenging Jobs

It can be difficult to stay motivated in an industry like sales. As the professionals at PageGroup point out, “Motivation is the key to success in any task, but especially in a sales environment. So, how can you stay motivated when you’re at work? And how do we avoid stagnation and procrastination in our working day?”

If you find yourself struggling to answer those questions, you may need some guidance. In an article for Forbes, Caroline Castrillon offers suggestions for staying engaged and productive, even during difficult times at work. 

Her first tip is to take note of your tasks and break them down into smaller efforts. Even the most challenging jobs are easier when divided up. 

When struggling at work, one of the most destructive habits is to set unattainable goals,” she explains. “It’s more productive to focus on progress, not perfection.”

Not sure how to begin? SalesFuel recommends assessing current goals and deadlines, and then breaking the necessary to-do’s into small daily, weekly and monthly tasks. 

Set an objective for each, which will keep you on track to meet quota. However, still provide a less intimidating workload by accomplishing process objectives. And by tackling those small “wins” along the way, you’re boosting confidence and motivation.

Enjoy Rewards

Speaking of wins, make sure to celebrate milestones when they’re achieved. These small moments matter, so treat them like achievements. 

How often do you reach a significant milestone at work only to focus on the next big project immediately?” Castrillon asks. She notes that instead of immediately jumping to the next milestone, pause and reward yourself. 

Cultivate Community

So many other sellers struggle with challenging jobs; you are not alone. And you certainly shouldn’t feel that way. Under pressure and overloaded, it’s easy to isolate yourself or feel like you’re the only one struggling. 

Take a step back and make efforts to connect with others. Whether it’s colleagues, a mentor, or even the local barista, embrace moments shared with other people. 

Everyone should have at least one or two big supporters in their corner,” SalesFuel advises. “When you feel yourself slipping into negativity, take a moment to reach out to a positive connection for a much-​needed pick-me-up.”

And don’t be afraid to tap into how others are managing. “Surround yourself with positive people, trade stories and methods, and find out what works for them, as it may well work for you, too,” suggests PageGroup.

Build or Develop New Skills

Do you find your motivation lacking? It may be time to kick-​start a new skill or build on current ones. The sales industry is always evolving, and you can refresh your interest by exploring new areas that are of interest. 

Or, if there’s a challenge you’re struggling with, make it a goal to improve. There’s lots of advice out there on how to improve a variety of skills. Mastering a nagging challenge can be exciting and boost lackluster motivation. 

And, as Castrillon writes, “Adding to your qualifications can also have a lasting positive impact on your self-confidence.”

Work On Your Mindset

Challenging jobs can test your motivation, and this is where mindset is especially important. Your attitude and outlook have a big impact on staying driven and positive. Along with these other suggestions, embracing a growth mindset will help you stay motivated and productive. 

For advice on how you can improve, and maintain, a strong mindset, consider these tips.

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