SalesCred® now available in the Zoom App Marketplace — Increase your sales credibility and transform how buyers see you in Zoom using AI

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SalesCred® PRO, the AI-​powered solution for building sales credibility and establishing trust faster with prospects, is now available on the Zoom App Marketplace.

The SalesCred app’s integration with Zoom transforms how prospects see you and empowers you to achieve "trusted advisor" status quicker when meeting with prospects and accounts on Zoom.

How it works:

The Zoom App Marketplace helps users find apps that can integrate with Zoom to enhance their experience with products such as Meetings, Webinars, Team Chat, and more.

SalesCred PRO subscribers can have Real-​time Research reports on your prospects, conversation starters for attendees, CredCoach™ and more open in Zoom while in meetings on Zoom.

"In a world where digital meetings have become the primary arena for sales interactions, SalesCred’s presence in the Zoom App Marketplace is a game-​changer for sales professionals. SalesCred PRO leverages AI to enable salespeople to establish credibility and build trust at unprecedented speeds,” says C. Lee Smith, Global Sales Credibility Authority and CEO of SalesFuel, Inc.

SalesCred features on Zoom include:

Digital CredCheck™ Credibility Scoring: Ever wondered how prospects perceive you when they Google your name? SalesCred PRO doesn’t leave it to guesswork. It meticulously measures your digital credibility, laying out what your prospects find and how it impacts their decision.

Real-​time Pre-​sales Research: Be prepared to provide value on every call. Forget the tedious hours spent researching prospects, clients, or competitors. With SalesCred PRO's real-​time business intelligence, get a crisp analysis at your fingertips, prepped and ready for your next meeting.

Exclusive Buyer Behavior Research: Stand apart from other salespeople with exclusive sales intelligence. Access proprietary SalesFuel research on industry-​specific B2B buyer behavior and B2C consumer behavior, that you won't find on the web.

Competitive Intel: Provides insights for strategic differentiation. SalesCred PRO helps you keep an eye on what your biggest threats are up to. It provides detailed competitive and their latest digital communications in real-time.

CredCoach™: A 3‑pronged coaching tool to improve sales strategy, sales tactics and featuring the “Say It Better” communication coach. Elevates your rapport with key decision-​makers using strategies grounded in brain science.

Based on the bestselling sales book "SalesCred: How Buyers Qualify Sellers," SalesCred marries time-​tested strategies with leading-​edge sales tools. With a track record of uplifting 100,000+ sales professionals, it’s the definitive resource for sales credibility in the digital age.