Manage Smarter 167 — Ed Eichhorn: The Future of Health Care and Navigating Benefits Discussions

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Ed Eichhorn established the Medilink Consulting Group in 2006 to provide management, marketing, sales and strategic planning advice to medical product and service companies. Ed provided strategic lobbying advice for medical societies during the writing of the Affordable Care Act. He also co-​authored and published Healing American Healthcare, A Plan To Provide Quality Care For All While Saving $1 Trillion A Year in 2019. 

Ed is a speaker on a variety of health care issues and founded the Healing American Healthcare Coalition in 2020 to keep health care professionals informed on important research and industry issues.

In this episode, Audrey, Lee and Ed discuss:

  • The future of selling medical, pharmaceuticals and health care solutions
  • How businesses can reduce health care benefits costs
  • Tips on how to pick an insurance broker and what questions to ask
  • How to manage large territories in complex organizations
  • Navigating employee discussions about health benefits

The cost of health care is simply out of balance with the rest of our economy, and it continues to grow at an alarming rate. The reason is simple. Provision of health care is made largely through the commercial insurance industry.”

Ed Eichhorn

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