Manage Smarter 35 — Aileen Gibb: How to Lead by Asking Great Questions

BY Audrey Strong and C. Lee Smith
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Aileen Gibb is a professional leadership coach and the author of “Asking Great Questions: An Essential Companion for Every Leader.” Companies worldwide trust her to uncover solutions to personal and business challenges, creating valued results and transformational growth. She is certified as a Professional Facilitator as well as Masteries Coach and has spoken at TEDx and World Business Executive Coaching Summit.

In this episode, Audrey, Lee and Aileen discuss:

  • How to ask great questions.
  • Opening up to other people with your questions.
  • The culture around needing to be right.
  • How to help others open up to you.

"The times that I don't want to ask a question suggest exactly the question that needs to be asked." — Aileen Gibb 

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