Manage Smarter 236 — Darren Horwitz: How to Successfully Rebrand Your Product or Business

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Darren Horwitz is the Founder of TenTen, a brand implementation firm that helps organizations plan, build, and manage brand change. Darren and his team work with clients to help them navigate the complex process of planning, executing, and bringing brands to life. In just over 8 years, TenTen has helped 100+ companies rebrand, across industries and around the world. Darren and TenTen’s work has benefited the U.S. Army, GE Healthcare, Lincoln Financial, and J&J to name a few.

Before founding TenTen, Darren established implementation and brand governance as integral disciplines at FutureBrand. He successfully deployed and governed global brands like American Airlines, Cadillac, and USAA. Prior to this, Darren defined brand management systems at Interbrand, working with notable clients such as Humana and Thomson Reuters. As a founding partner at Pixeljockey LLC, he played a crucial role in managing brand rollouts for AT&T and MasterCard. Darren excels in tackling challenges and guiding clients to achieve measurable results in brand optimization.

In this podcast for sales managers and sales leaders, Audrey, and Darren discuss:

  • Rebranding Challenges and Considerations: Darren explains that rebranding often stems from shifts in business direction, relevancy, or new leadership wanting to make their mark. He emphasizes the importance of thorough planning and clear communication to avoid impulsive decisions that can lead to confusion and inefficiencies.
  • The 5 Pillars of Successful Brand Implementation Planning: These encompass critical aspects to ensure a seamless transition during rebranding. His five pillars are: Comprehensive Assessment, Stakeholder Engagement, Clear Communication, Ongoing Training and Support and Measurement and Adaptation.
  • Importance of Internal Communication: Effective rebranding requires comprehensive internal communication. Darren highlights the need to involve employees at all levels, providing them with a clear understanding of the reasons behind the rebrand and the tools they need to advocate for the new brand.
  • Engaging Employees During Rebrand: Darren suggests creating a journey for employees through the rebrand process using the framework of Know, Believe, Live, Advocate. This helps ensure that employees understand and support the rebrand, making them better advocates for the new brand identity.
  • Handling Rebrand Logistics: Darren stresses the importance of cataloging existing brand assets and involving diverse stakeholders in the planning process. This ensures that all aspects of the brand are considered and that employees have the necessary resources to implement the new brand effectively.
  • Sustaining the Rebrand: The rebrand process doesn't end with the launch. Continuous engagement, training, and feedback collection are crucial for ensuring long-​term adoption and success. Darren recommends using brand ambassador programs and interactive activities to maintain momentum and address any ongoing challenges.

"Your employees are your greatest brand champions, and they need to be brought along on the journey.”

Darren Horwitz

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