How to Help Clients Control Direct Marketing Mail Costs

BY Rachel Cagle
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Keeping the cost of direct marketing mail ads down is possible, even amid postage price increases. Actually, there are multiple methods your clients could use so they don’t have to cut back on these valuable ads. Here’s what they are.

How to Help Clients Control Direct Marketing Mail Costs

Why Your Client Shouldn’t Decrease Their Direct Mail Ad Budget

The price of postage may be going up, but direct marketing mail’s ROI makes the cost more than worth it. According to a previous SalesFuel blog, based on data from Lob:

  • 72% of consumers open direct mail immediately upon receipt
  • 85% read all their mail at some point
  • 62% have been inspired to take action by these ads

Another SalesFuel blog, based on data from Vericast, says that direct mail has great ROI because:

  • 75% of consumers say that direct mail ads make them aware of products
  • 50% prefer learning about new products from direct mail ads
  • 60% agree that direct mail ads are easy to remember when they’re ready to make a purchase
  • 36% make impulse purchases based on direct mail ads

So, yeah, these ads are worth the cost as-​is. But let’s explore how to boost ROI even more by lowering costs.

3 Tips for Controlling Costs

According to data from mailing​.com, there are a few ways to help lower direct marketing mail costs.

Work with Quality Data

Direct marketing mail is only as good as the data it’s based on. If your client’s ads aren’t advertising the right product to the right people, they may as well not even send the ads.

Along with data collected by you and your client, you can turn to AudienceSCAN on AdMall by SalesFuel for more. Simply look up your client’s target audience’s profile to discover:

  • Demographic information
  • Marketing influencing data
  • Insights into which products and services they’ll be looking to pay for within the next year

With all that information, you’ll be well prepared to craft high-​quality direct mail ads. That way, your client will spend less money printing dud mail until they find something that gets results.

Focus on Automation

Time is money, and your and your client’s time shouldn’t always be focused on crafting direct marketing mail from scratch. That’s why mail​.com suggests taking advantage of automation to save time and money.

Automation operates across channels by sending direct mail based on event- or behavior-​based triggers. Data flows from point-​of-​capture (e.g., website visits, abandoned carts) into your CRM for printing and entry into the USPS mailstream.”

Seamless operations like this help your client’s ads get into the mailstream faster with less friction. That means they’ll get to the target audience sooner for increased ad relevancy. Plus, you’ll be reducing costs.

Optimize Mailing and Tracking

If your mailing pieces are compatible with USPS’s processing equipment, they qualify for discount pricing,” says mailing​.com. The direct marketing mail just needs to meet these criteria:

  • A minimum quantity of 500 mailings for First Class or 200 for Marketing Mail
  • CASS certification within the last 180 days
  • An Intelligent Mail barcode with (IMb) with the correct delivery point routing code printed on each piece”

Additionally, Full-​Service Mailers that use USPS Seamless Acceptance can help your client save money. Why? Because “They use electronic documentation and IMb to automate and streamline mail entry verification.”

Your client can also take advantage of a drop-​shipping service to save even more. These services allow your client’s mail to be sent in bulk to the nearest USPS office. This improves the certainty of in-​home mail dates.

Take advantage of these direct marketing mail tips to boost your client’s ad ROI.

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