Manage Smarter 186 — Hannah Grady Williams: Unlocking Gen Z

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Hannah Grady Williams’s story began in a blue pickup truck when her father handed 12-​year-​old Hannah the phone and asked her to close a deal on an investment property. After this unexpected introduction to the world of entrepreneurship, she found herself thrust into a climate of innovation, challenge, and opportunity, and she enrolled in college at age 14 and graduated with a degree in international business at age 18. 

Now, as a 23-​year old Gen Z’r, she has consulted businesses from start-​ups to Fortune 500 companies and is on a mission to help leaders leverage Gen Z talent as a competitive advantage and build #RadicalEmpathy in the workplace. 

In this episode, Audrey, Lee and Hannah discuss:

  • Definition of “Radical Empathy”
  • Managing Expectations of Gen Z workforce
  • Understanding the positive aspects of Gen Z upbringing, technology knowledge and economics
  • How to mentor a Gen Z employee
  • Differences between Gen X, Millennials and Gen Z 

"Gen Z is more diverse, entrepreneurially driven and technologically savvy than any other generation. Companies must adapt or risk becoming extinct in the next 15 years."

Hannah Grady Williams

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