Manage Smarter 172 — Reland Logan: Using Social Media for Lead Gen

Reland Logan on the Manage Smarter show from SalesFuel

Reland Logan specializes in helping entrepreneurs + influencers turn their social media into scroll stopping money makers without the time suck. She is passionate about diversity in marketing and actively works to create change through her podcast and sitting on the American Marketing Association DEI subcommittee. 

If you really hope to have a money-​making social media, massively increase revenue (no matter what you sell), and connect with your ENTIRE community then she can definitely help you. Also a podcast host of a show called Our Diverse Pineapple Tribe.

In this episode, Audrey, Lee and Reland discuss:

  • Using a wheel approach to social media vs. a funnel
  • Explaining the MAKE acronym and the types of posts to create
  • How to monetize your social media and increase lead gen through it
  • Other ideas for Calls-​To-​Action to try

None of us want just pushy sales messages, they’re uncomfortable for everybody involved. That’s when you get deleted, blocked. When you’re going into social media, you have to build trust. I don’t believe in funnels, I believe in wheels."

Reland Logan

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