Manage Smarter 207 — Teresa Mitrovic: Psychological Safety and High Trust Work Cultures

Teresa Mitrovic on the Manage Smarter Show by SalesFuel

Teresa Mitrovic is the founder of ORO Collective, as well as a consultant, coach, course creator and author specializing in performance, psychological safety and trust. In her past life as a corporate leader, when the increasing demands of senior leadership clashed with single parenthood, coaching as a leader was the solution. With workloads reset, team cohesion and alignment gained, performance improved and profit tripled. 

She has lived and worked internationally, delivering keynotes and workshops to clients large and small and authored the book ‘The Currency of Connection — how trust transforms life, relationships and work’. 

Now based in Melbourne, Australia with her husband and dog, she works internationally — and virtually — coaching top executives from companies like Barclays, Hasbro, Disney, and Accenture. 

In this podcast and vodcast for sales managers and sales leaders, Audrey, Lee and Teresa discuss:

  • Why leaders should care about psychological safety and high trust environments
  • How to create trust that neutralizes workplace relationship tension
  • Psychological safety and its role in employee retention
  • Why you should ditch competitive reward programs  

"The problem isn’t that managers don’t understand what their employees need; they don’t see how they can keep performance high while accommodating employee demands. However, this is a false dichotomy and both can be achieved to drive performance while retaining talent."

Teresa Mitrovic

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