Does Your Client’s Best Online Campaign Deliver Fantastic ROI?

BY Rachel Cagle
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Chances are, your client’s marketing tactics aren’t aligned with their KPIs. But to craft the best campaign possible for your client, it’s critical they match. Here’s what your client needs to change to see better ROI.

Does Your Client’s Best Online Campaign Deliver Fantastic ROI?

Performance Marketing vs. Brand Marketing

According to a study by Nielsen, 70% of marketers are prioritizing performance marketing over brand marketing. The problem with this plan is that they’re planning on reducing their brand marketing efforts.

What’s the difference between the two? According to a blog from Wrike:

  • Performance marketing is a “data-​driven approach that focuses on generating measurable results.” It’s good at providing a clear ROI for your efforts, but usually focuses on short-​term goals. Those goals include influencing specific actions or conversions in the moment, like clicks
  • Brand marketing focuses on long-​term relationships with current and potential customers. It “aims to create and promote a positive and lasting perception of a company or product. It focuses on building a strong brand identity, establishing emotional connections with customers and cultivating brand loyalty.”

While performance marketing gets results in the moment, brand marketing builds lasting loyalty.

So, it’s strange that marketers are choosing performance over brand based on their KPIs. Nielsen says that marketer’s top KPIs are long-​term ROI and full-​funnel ROI. But performance marketing doesn’t support those goals.

Brand Building = ROI

If your client wants to create an online campaign that generates ROI consistently, they need to focus on brand building. Nielsen says that the benefits of brand building include:

  • Keeping your client’s brand top-​of-​mind with consumers
  • Priming consumers to have a higher propensity to buy from your client’s brand
  • Potentially doubling the impact of your client’s future media spending

Which Ad Media Types Should be Used for Brand Building?

Brand building can help multiply the long-​term ROI of ad media such as:

  • TV: Brand marketing can multiple the effectiveness of TV media spend by 2.1
  • Digital Video: 1.7
  • Paid Social: 1.5
  • Display: 1.4
  • Out-​of-​Home: 1.2
  • Paid Search: 1.2
  • Radio: 1.1

Of course, those are just the general average of media. The types of media that will prove the most impactful on your client’s online campaign depend on their target audience. So, which of the ad media types listed above will have the biggest impact on your client’s target audience?

You can check out their profile on AudienceSCAN on AdMall by SalesFuel to find out. There, you’ll discover which ad media types inspire the highest percentages of this audience to take action.

Just make sure that your client isn’t skimping on the types of media they’re investing in. Nielsen reminds marketers that channel diversity helps campaign reach.

Take the effectiveness of TV ads, for example. Nielsen found that campaigns that invested in just digital TV or traditional TV didn’t have a very far reach. The highest target reach was only 17%.

However, when the campaigns became “more dispersed and included digital network TV and traditional TV buys,” reach increased. So, make sure your client’s online campaign is supplemented with some traditional media buys, as well as various digital formats.


So, if your client’s goal is to meet short-​term marketing and sales goals, they should continue prioritizing performance marketing. But if they want to establish long-​term ROI generation, they need to turn to brand marketing instead.

Make sure that your client’s upcoming online campaign focuses on building relationships with consumers and establishing emotional connections with them. And be sure they’re using a variety of ad formats to get their message across. Follow that advice and their next online campaign is sure to be an ROI-​generating hit.

Photo by: Vitaly Gariev