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SalesFuel makes assessments actionable.

Assessments are critical for hiring salespeople because by their very nature, salespeople are expert actors. The best selling job they ever do might be during the interview. Assessments are the checks-and-balances of sales hiring.

These assessments have been usually administered by HR with a one-size fits all approach (not sales specific) and end up sitting in a filing cabinet somewhere after the hiring decision has been made. But now, SalesFuel makes assessments actionable, so managers can also use them to lead and develop their staff with the most effective communication strategy for each team member AFTER they've been hired.



    SalesFuel's own sales-specific behavioral assessment, built through a partnership with sales expert Dr. Tony Alessandra and Brandon Parker, provides managers with communication and development strategies for each individual. Reveals their natural sales+support traits, DISC type and what motivates them to success. Automatically reveals top-line data in the Team Member Dashboard without data entry and access to the full assessment.


    Our Sales IQ Plus aptitude test was jointly developed by best-selling authors and sales consultants Jeffrey Gitomer, Jim Cathcart and Dr. Tony Alessandra. No two tests are the same, with 48 questions selected at random from an ever-growing pool of 100+ questions. The 48 questions guide each user in assessing eight primary categories of sales competency. Additionally, Sales IQ Plus provides each user with feedback by providing a coachable explanation for each question-and-answer.


    Are they having computer problems or making sales calls? SalesFuel's own Tech Assessment reveals the technical prowess of team members/candidates so you'll know: if they understand basic technology; if they'll be able to use a CRM or data mine for prospect information using Google, LinkedIn, websites and other social media; and if they be able to sidestep the pitfalls of email during their internal and external communications.



    Extremely useful for management and technology positions. Identifies judgment style, problem solving approach, potential strengths and potential blocks in judgment that can lead to future performance issues. Based on Robert S. Hartman’s Value Profile (HVP) derived from the Science of Valuation (AKA Axiology).


    Ideal for sales trainers, the Learning Styles Assessment identifies each individual’s best means for learning and retaining new information. Some people like to process information through text, while others need visual support and images. Some learners best assimilate information alone, while others prefer to work in groups.


    360 Degree Assessments, which pull “perception data” from numerous user’s colleagues and employees, provides an informed “self-audit” about a team member to eliminate workplace miscommunication and improve client relationships.


    Provide decision- makers the necessary instrument to see through a candidate’s “interview mask.” Measures and scores the universal core functions, job-related competencies and attitudes of each candidate — including motivation and judgement bias — plus the expected results and procedures that drive strong performance in leadership.

Learn how the right assessments can make hiring — and keeping — the right people easier from your SalesFuel Management Consultant.