Gamers Are Go-​To Guys for Entertainment, Gadgets

According to a new Gamer Lifestyle Study by Giant Realm, three-​quarters (75%) of respondents have at least one gaming console in their home. The survey found that gamers have active social lives. In fact, gamers are more likely than non-​gamers to go out to eat, check out movies and hit the dating scene — suggesting that contrary to popular belief, gamers as a whole aren't overweight, acne-​ridden young men who have a penchant for junk food and have a shrinking circle of anti-​social friends. Instead, the survey suggests that gamers are community influencers and leaders. 

Other key points of the survey include:

  • More than half of gamers (57%) say they are the first one asked by family and friends about the latest video game releases, movie releases, TV shows to watch and their opinion on electronics and computers
  • Two-​thirds (67.4%) of gamers have gone out with friends in the past week, compared to 54.9% of non-gamers.
  • Gamers are more likely than non-​gamers to use a number of personal care/​grooming products, including deodorant, shaving products, body wash, disposable razors and hair grooming/​styling products.
  • Gamers are even more likely than non-​gamers to hit the gym (28.1% vs. 22.1%).
  • One-​third of gamers have gone out on a date in the past week compared to only one-​quarter of non-​gamers (35.6% vs. 25.1%).

In addition, gamers actively seek out online reviews on a variety of products, including video games, movie releases, electronic and computer gadgets and more. A quarter of gamers (25%) claim they have written an online review, and among gamers 25–34 years who can be categorized as "heavy gamers" a third (33%) have written an online review.

"Gamers are the leaders and innovators of today," said James Green, President of Giant Realm. "They are social, they are more active online than any other segment of society and they are more likely to influence their peers than the other way around."

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