How Brand Videos Can Serve Your Clients

BY Kathy Crosett
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It’s time to show your clients how brand videos can impact their bottom line. Some of your SMB clients may feel intimidated by using this media format, but video is capturing a bigger share of consumer attention these days. On average, consumers are watching 17 hours of video a week. A new survey from GoodFirms, based on the insights of 920 SMBs, reveals data points that you can share with your clients to help them get the most from video advertising.

Brand Videos and Your Clients

Businesses find online video to be super effective, and 75% of SMBs are already using this format. Why? Because online video delivers results. Our research indicates that 44% of consumers took action in the past year as a result of seeing an online video.

These days, when marketers invest in video marketing, their top objectives include:

  • Increased online engagement 81.2%
  • Increased brand awareness 74.6%
  • Increased lead generation 69.6%

Types of Video Content

You can help your clients by educating them on the types of video to produce. To begin, the experts say that “short-​form video is the most impactful trend of the year.” Typically, short-​form videos last under 60 seconds.

Advertising can be broadly divided into branded or promotional messaging. Marketers use promotional messaging, including videos when they want to quickly drive sales results. When they advertise limited-​time offerings or buy-​one get-​one deals, consumers need to act quickly.

Many marketers, especially SMBs, can effectively use online video to build brand reputation. For example, SMBs that are hoping to connect with new audiences use webinars (15.2%) and expert interviews (21%). This video format builds credibility about a company, its product and its employees in the eyes of the audience.

The animated explainer video is a popular way to educate an audience about a new product and how to use it. These brand videos are usually around 45 seconds, and 34% of surveyed SMBs use them. A tutorial video can serve the same purpose and is used by 25% of SMBs.

These days, most buyers won’t rely only on a marketer’s claims about their products and services when making a purchasing decision. They want to hear from other buyers. That’s why nearly 28% of SMBs post testimonial videos. In these videos, satisfied customers talk about how the product or service they purchased solved a big problem for them. They may also discuss the excellent service they received after making their purchase. Your clients cannot go wrong when they post a great testimonial video.

Components of a Good Brand Video

Your clients will need to invest resources to put together an effective video. As with any marketing message, they shouldn’t skimp on the important elements. Over 70% of surveyed marketers emphasize the importance of having a good script before the taping begins.

You can help your client tell an intriguing story that captures audience intention. It’s key to focus on only one point and to remember the audience they are trying to reach. Don’t forget to include a call to action and music. If your client is not using actors or a company spokesperson, encourage them to produce high-​quality graphics.

Placement of Online Video

Placement of the online video matters too. If your clients place their ads in the proper locations, such as where their target audiences are likely to see them, they’ll be noticed. For many businesses, that mean running them on social sites. GoodFirms analysts point out over 80% of SMBs are using YouTube, LinkedIn and Facebook as the places to display their video content. You’ll know for sure which social sites appeal to your client’s audience if you run a Digital Audit on AdMall. The report will give you the percentages of the audience that engage with specific sites.

Help your clients gain market share by showing them the benefits of brand video messaging.

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