Landscaping is Top Home Improvement Activity

Almost 50 million home owners (29%) are taking on landscaping projects, according to the latest report from consumer and media research firm Scarborough Research.  Landscaping — at 29% — is the top home improvement activity measured by Scarborough, followed by interior painting/​wallpaper (28%) and carpeting/​floor covering (14%).  More expensive home improvement projects, such as kitchen remodeling or window replacement, rank toward the bottom half of the list of popular home improvement activities. 

Home Improvements Among American Home Owners 

(Completed during 2010 in the household, %)

Home Improvement Activity %
Landscaping 29
Interior paint or wallpaper 28
Carpeting of floor covering 14
Remodeled bathroom 13
Other remodeling 12
Exterior paint 11
Heating or air conditioning 8
Remodeled kitchen 8
Replaced roof or major repair to roof 8
Replaced windows 6
Any addition 3
Siding 3
Installed home security system 2
Installed pool, hot tub, or spa 1


Home Depot and Lowe’s are leading players in the home improvement retail market. More than half (51%) of home owners shopped at Home Depot during the past year, and 47% shopped at Lowe’s during this timeframe.  Discounters such as Target and Kmart also round out the list of top ten stores shopped for home improvement items.


Stores Shopped by Home Owners for Home Improvement Items 

(Shopped by household during 2010, %)

Store Shopped for Hardware, Paint, Lawn or Garden Items %
The Home Depot 51
Lowe's 47
Wal-​Mart 31
Ace Hardware 23
Target 11
Sears 10
Kmart 7
True Value 7
Sherwin-​Williams 5
Sam's Club 3


[Source:  "Almost 50 Million Home Owners Taking on Landscaping Projects."  Scarborough Research.  17 May 2011.  Web.  17 May 2011.]