Majority of Consumers Will Decorate Homes for Halloween 2011

The season of jack‑o'-lanterns and ghosts is almost upon us, and savvy consumers are gearing up to make the most out of Halloween 2011.  PriceGrabber, a part of Experian, recently released the results of its Halloween shopping survey, revealing that 53% of consumers will spend $50 or less on a costume this year. Twenty percent indicated that they will spend $50 or more, and 17% said they will not spend anything on a costume. 


Despite an increasingly tumultuous economic climate, consumers' fervor for a show-​stopping Halloween has not waned. PriceGrabber's survey found that 48% of respondents with children will purchase their child a brand-​new costume this year. Twenty-​four percent said they planned to make a costume, and 11% plan to borrow or recycle an outfit. Even pets will partake in the festivities this year, as 18% plan to dress up their furry friends.

Of the overwhelming 72% of respondents who said they planned to decorate their homes this year, 70% will purchase their festive decor, compared with 30% who will make it themselves. However, they plan to stay on budget, with 73% indicating that they will spend $50 or less and only 27% planning to spend $50 or more.


When asked whether they plan to shop in stores or online for Halloween costumes and/​or decorations, 55% of consumers indicated that they will shop at a combination of brick-​and-​mortar and online retailers. Thirty-​five percent of respondents said they will only shop in stores, and 11% plan to shop online.

"According to our survey data, consumers still want what's hot for Halloween and are willing to employ some sensible strategies to get the best deal out there," stated Graham Jones, general manager of PriceGrabber. "Shopping both online and in brick-​and-​mortar stores increases consumers' chances of finding what they want for the best price. For example, shoppers can take advantage of PriceGrabber's mobile shopping app to find the lowest prices on a costume nearby, or they might try on a costume at the local mall and comparison-​shop online later to find a deal."


Gone are the days of traditional witches, ghosts and monsters. According to PriceGrabber internal Web analytics based on keyword searches from Sept. 7–12, 2011, Halloween shoppers are once again smitten with Lady Gaga, Snooki and Disney. The top costume themes so far this year fall into the category of movies, television and entertainment and include clothing and accessories related to Lady Gaga, Jersey Shore, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Tangled, Toy Story, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Pirates of the Caribbean, Captain America, Batman, Hannah Montana and the Smurfs, among others.

"Consistent with the findings of our internal analytics research from the PriceGrabber Website, our survey data found that 14% of consumers already plan to dress their child in a celebrity or movie-​themed costume, 13% will purchase a superhero costume, and another 13% will buy a princess costume," said Jones.  Only 11% of shoppers indicated that they will dress their child as something scary.

[Source:  Halloween purchase intentions survey conducted by PriceGrabber/​Experian.  22 Sept. 2011.  Web.  23 Sept. 2011.]