Multi-​tasking Consumers to Become Multi-​screen Ad Targets

Marketers could be concerned that consumer attention is fragmented across the many devices they interact with simultaneously. The experts at the Interactive Ad Bureau (IAB) are telling marketers not to worry. To ensure that they reach consumers, marketers can release an ad campaign simultaneously across multiple devices to increase their chances of being noticed.

Consumers might have been willing to sit on front of the TV and be entertained by that single device in the past, but 63% of TV viewers now say that at least some of their time is spent with an additional connected device. Here are the statistics on the devices people are using while watching TV according to the “Screens to the nth” report:

  • Smartphone 45%
  • Tablet 30%
  • Computer 21%

For the most part, these multitasking consumers are not chatting about or researching on TV content. A few folks, though, do use social networks, blogs and even emails and IMs to discuss ads.

Another report released by the IAB, “The Multiscreen Marketer”, shows the rise in the 4‑screen consumer – the one who watches TV while also turning to the computer, tablet and smartphone. While advertisers may worry that consumers will remember nothing that they see with respect to marketing, the 4‑screen consumer had the highest recall rate, 53%, of the names of 3 advertisers that appeared on a TV program.

IAB executives are encouraging marketers to consider the different ways they can connect with digital consumers through the many devices they are using.

[Source: Digital Devices Drive Multitasking & Multiscreen Advertising Opportunities. Iab​.net. 16 May 2012. Web. 22 May 2012] 
Kathy Crosett
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