Smart Phone Marketers Planning 2012 Ad Blitz

Marketers in one of the fastest-​growing consumer product categories will be funding ad campaigns and promotions at a blistering pace as they fight for market share this year. Some market watchers predict that Apple and Google are dominating the smart phone market. But competitors aren’t likely to yield so quickly as many operators understand that winning market share now could generate healthy revenue streams for decades to come.

One industry player, Research in Motion, plans to introduce the Blackberry 10 later this year. Along with the updated smart phone release, “a comprehensive advertising and promotional program in 2012,” will be key say co-​CEOs Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis.

RIMs intentions are noteworthy when considered in the light of a recent Yankee Group release. Currently, about 20% of consumers have a RIM BlackBerry. However, only 12% of consumers seeking a smart phone intend to purchase a RIM product.

At the same time, about 14% of consumers have a mobile device with a Microsoft-​mobile-​based operating system. Even fewer, 9%, are seeking a Windows Mobile device in the next 6 months.

As was widely reported earlier this month, Microsoft, Nokia and AT&T will spend at least $100 million advertising the new Nokia phone, Ace, which is due to hit the market in March.

Katie Lewis, Yankee Group associate analyst notes “Consumer decisions made in the next three years are likely to seal the fate, good or bad, of many OSs. Now is the time for these vendors to fight for survival.”

All marketers with a foothold in this industry are likely to expand their ad budgets in 2012.

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Kathy Crosett
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