Tween Girls Increasing Their Beauty Usage

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Accord­ing to beau­ty indus­try trends from a new report enti­tled, Insight into the Youth Beau­ty Mar­ket by The NPD Group, Inc., it appears that tween (8–12) girls are report­ing increas­es in their usage of a few beau­ty prod­ucts. This comes as teens (13–17) and young women (18–24) are react­ing much like their old­er coun­ter­parts and report­ing declines in their usage of beau­ty prod­ucts.

While over­all reg­u­lar usage is at much low­er lev­els across most beau­ty cat­e­gories for teens and young women, reg­u­lar usage* is actu­al­ly up for a few prod­ucts rel­a­tive to 2007 for tweens.

Tweens report­ed increas­es in reg­u­lar usage of mas­cara (+8), eye lin­er (+6), and lip­stick (+5), rel­a­tive to 2007 lev­els. In fact, reg­u­lar usage of mas­cara almost dou­bled in the past two years among tween girls (from 10% to 18%) as did eye lin­er (from 9% to 15%). Over­all, tweens report­ed to use on aver­age 4.5 dif­fer­ent beau­ty prod­ucts reg­u­lar­ly, con­sis­tent with lev­els report­ed in 2007 (4.3).

The report found that among teens 13–17, skin­care basics, like facial cleansers and acne/spot treat­ment prod­ucts, and make­up prod­ucts, like mas­cara and lip gloss, dropped sig­nif­i­cant­ly in report­ed reg­u­lar usage ver­sus 2007 lev­els. Among young women 18–24 the pat­tern was sim­i­lar. Foun­da­tion was the only prod­uct in the top 10 (ranked on over­all report­ed usage) that showed no sig­nif­i­cant change in report­ed reg­u­lar usage for this age seg­ment.

What is per­haps most inter­est­ing, and sur­pris­ing, is the fact that this evo­lu­tion in tween girls appears to have less to do with dimin­ished self-esteem and a larg­er soci­etal issue and more to do with mom and fam­i­ly.  Sig­nif­i­cant­ly more influ­en­tial than TV and even their friends, these girls say that they "look to their par­ents and sib­lings to see what they are using to help decide what to buy and use".  As tween girls using beau­ty has now become a fam­i­ly affair, it is our oppor­tu­ni­ty and respon­si­bil­i­ty to ensure that these girls, and their par­ents, are edu­cat­ed on the role of beau­ty in the most respon­si­ble way," said Karen Grant, vice pres­i­dent and glob­al indus­try ana­lyst, The NPD Group.

*reg­u­lar usage is defined as using at least once a month.

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