Tween Girls Increasing Their Beauty Usage

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According to beauty industry trends from a new report entitled, Insight into the Youth Beauty Market by The NPD Group, Inc., it appears that tween (8–12) girls are reporting increases in their usage of a few beauty products. This comes as teens (13–17) and young women (18–24) are reacting much like their older counterparts and reporting declines in their usage of beauty products.

While overall regular usage is at much lower levels across most beauty categories for teens and young women, regular usage* is actually up for a few products relative to 2007 for tweens.

Tweens reported increases in regular usage of mascara (+8), eye liner (+6), and lipstick (+5), relative to 2007 levels. In fact, regular usage of mascara almost doubled in the past two years among tween girls (from 10% to 18%) as did eye liner (from 9% to 15%). Overall, tweens reported to use on average 4.5 different beauty products regularly, consistent with levels reported in 2007 (4.3).

The report found that among teens 13–17, skincare basics, like facial cleansers and acne/spot treatment products, and makeup products, like mascara and lip gloss, dropped significantly in reported regular usage versus 2007 levels. Among young women 18–24 the pattern was similar. Foundation was the only product in the top 10 (ranked on overall reported usage) that showed no significant change in reported regular usage for this age segment.

What is perhaps most interesting, and surprising, is the fact that this evolution in tween girls appears to have less to do with diminished self-esteem and a larger societal issue and more to do with mom and family.  Significantly more influential than TV and even their friends, these girls say that they "look to their parents and siblings to see what they are using to help decide what to buy and use".  As tween girls using beauty has now become a family affair, it is our opportunity and responsibility to ensure that these girls, and their parents, are educated on the role of beauty in the most responsible way," said Karen Grant, vice president and global industry analyst, The NPD Group.

*regular usage is defined as using at least once a month.

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