Who Are the Consumers Who Won't Buy from a Bankrupt Chrysler?

As a follow-​up to Ad-ology's initial press release "Nearly Half of Americans Unlikely to Buy from Automakers Considering Bankruptcy" Thursday morning, we were curious to learn just who are the people that say they would absolutely not consider buying a vehicle from a bankrupt automaker like Chrysler. Even though we are still cross-​tabulating the various responses from the 1,225 U.S. consumers surveyed, here's a snapshot of who answered "Absolutely Not" when we asked "If you were in the market to purchase a car right now (April 24–29, 2009), would you consider a model from an automaker that is considering bankruptcy?"… The people who will be the hardest for a bankrupt Chrysler to win over are more likely to be: female, middle-​aged, better educated with a pessimistic outlook for the U.S. economy and not all that interested in paying more for "green" products. Now I'm wondering how many of these are/​were suburban "soccer/​hockey moms" that once had a bad experience with a Chrysler minivan? Considering those who may already be lost as customers, the way forward for Chrysler may need to include: 

  • economy cars for young adults
  • hybrid or other green technologies
  • luxury vehicles

Regardless, with the stigma of failure and bankruptcy now attached to the brand, the long road back for Chrysler just got a bit longer.

Beth Frederick
Beth is the Vice President of Marketing at SalesFuel. She has over 20 years of experience client-​side, agency-​side and for one of the largest media companies in North America.