4 Trends to Reap the Benefits of Email Marketing

BY Rachel Cagle
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The popularity of email marketing makes it hard work, but the benefits of email marketing are worth it. According to an article by WebFX, here are a few email trends you and your client need to be aware of to reap as many of the benefits as they can.

Trends to Reap the Benefits of Email Marketing

Make Them Interactive

The whole goal of email ads is to get recipients to interact with them, right? Then make them interactive! Adding elements that recipients can engage with without being redirected to a website is a fun way to get them to learn more about your client’s products or services. Interactive elements that WebFX recommends include:

  • Carousels of images users can swipe
  • Videos users can play
  • Sliders users can manipulate
  • Games users can play”

If you make learning about your client’s products or services fun and interesting, email recipients will be more likely to follow up by visiting your client's website. And, they’ll be more likely to open future emails from your client for more fun. It will also help your client stand out from the competition. The benefits of email marketing using this tactic are numerous.

Add Personality to the Content

Reading a bland, professional-​sounding email is boring and makes reading seem like a chore. Liven up your client’s email ads with their brand’s personality. Write the email’s content in a fun tone of voice; maybe throw in some pop culture references.

WebFX recommends taking the personality showcase to the next level by telling a story. To do this, you can:

  • Tell the backstory of your client’s company
  • Showcase the values of the brand and/​or what it stands for
  • Give a behind-​the-​scenes look at the company (pictures or footage from office events and other happenings, for example)

The stories don’t even have to be in your own words. If your client’s brand was featured in an industry article or a company lead was interviewed on TV or for a podcast, add that to the email. In a way, when other people brag about a company, it seems more trustworthy than when the company does it themselves.

Personalize the Emails

Old reliable. Everyone tells you to personalize messages to reap the benefits of email marketing, because it’s true! According to WebFX, personalizing email ads:

  • Improves open rates by 42%
  • Increases average click-​through rates by 14%
  • Increases conversions by 10%

Simply adding the recipient’s name to the email’s subject line can increase the email’s open rate. Why? Consumers receive dozens of emails every single day. The ones with their names included in the subject line imply that they already know your client’s brand. Or at least your client knows enough about them to make the email worth their while. When you know the brand or it knows you, the higher the chances are that the content will be something that you’re interested in. Take it a step further by tailoring the email’s content to their interests based on previous purchases.

Format Them for Mobile Devices

People check work emails on desktops and laptops. They check their personal emails on their smartphones or other personal devices, which tend to be mobile. If a consumer opens an email that isn’t formatted for the device they’re viewing on, they won’t both looking it up on a different device. They’re just going to delete it. So, to reap all the benefits of email marketing, you need to make sure that formatting isn’t standing in the way of your client’s messaging reaching their target audience.

Email and Your Client’s Target Customers

For more information on how your client’s target customers react to and interact with email, check out their profile on AudienceSCAN at AdMall by SalesFuel.

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