Account Executive Leverages AdMall Intelligence to Help Client Stand Out

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: Competition from similar companies

Account Executive Danielle Bernard, of the Hickory Daily Record, understands the importance of standing out, especially when many similar businesses compete on the same playing field. Such was the case for a local family-​owned funeral home that just couldn’t seem to break away from the pack.

[They] used to be a regular advertiser with our newspaper and felt like they weren’t reaching their potential audience with print options,” said Bernard. “[They] wanted something that would drive traffic and results to their business above the rest.”

Bernard first started using AdMall when she began her career in media sales a little over three years ago, but she only realized its full research potential six months ago. After familiarizing herself with AdMall’s Local Account Intelligence Reports, Bernard used the data to gain insights on her client’s best target audience.

Solution: Come up with a new marketing strategy to give the client an edge

After researching their business type, and how their demographic was evolving, […] I pitched them on Find It Local, with search engine marketing and targeted display to find more potential consumers searching within a 25-​mile radius of their location,” said Bernard.

Result: An annual contract worth more than $6,000

AdMall’s local account intelligence research highlighted a path to success. Bernard’s pitch went over so well that the client shed their print-​only past and signed up for a year of digital advertising at $529 a month. The campaign consisted of using targeted display ads to focus on preplanning, low-​cost cremations and pet cremation services as key factors.