Account Manager Leverages Digital Audit and AudienceSCAN to Close $70,000 Armed Forces Recruiting Ad Campaign

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: Getting out the right word about armed forces recruiting

Hannah Kaplan, a several time Sell Smarter! Award Winner and account manager for Bonneville Bay Area, had only been selling media for around a year when she approached a local armed forces recruiting office that was looking for assistance in generating leads.

Solution: Going into the first meeting well prepared

Having closed multiple sales for over $250,000, Kaplan knew what she was doing when she went into her meeting with the armed forces recruiting office. She used multiple AdMall sales tools.

AdMall helps us run Digital Audit reports and AudienceSCAN reports so we are extremely prepared entering a client meeting and can tell them more info than they might even know about themselves,” said Kaplan.

Having taken care of the initial research, Kaplan was able to walk into the armed forces recruiting office with a campaign that consisted of email marketing and social media ads.

Result: Immediate increase in recruiting inquires

After agreeing to the campaign Kaplan came up with, a 12-​month $70,000 pitch, the armed forces recruiting office saw an immediate jump in the number of inquiries it received.

Our client was extremely happy with the results we gave them,” said Kaplan. “They had over 20+ new leads interested in joining the force.” 

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More About: Armed Forces Recruiting

Each branch of the military operates local recruiting centers across the country. These centers aim to recruit young men and women to enlist in or otherwise join the U.S. Armed Services. Their efforts are supported by advertising which is budgeted through operations and maintenance for each military branch. Recruitment centers often tout the military as a career option. In marketing military service, recruiters also appeal to patriotism and promise training that can be used in the private sector once the enlistment period ends.

The U.S. Army typically recruits between 11 and 12 percent more enlistees than it needs to in order to compensate for those who will not make it through basic training and advanced individual training. Marketing services for recruitment is being retooled at national and local levels, being mindful that only 3 in 10 of Americans of enlistment age meet the military’s basic qualifications to serve. Offering shorter enlistments, lowering standards for testing, granting waivers for legal infractions, and offering signing bonuses are some of the current efforts to boost recruitment.

The U.S. Armed Forces are made up of six branches: Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Navy, and Space Force. The Army is the largest branch with the Navy and the Air Force accounting for about 25% each. The Marine Corps is made up of 14% of active-​duty personnel while the Coast Guard is about 3%.