This Effective Email Marketing Strategy Leads to Top Results

BY Rachel Cagle
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The power of email marketing can’t be denied. But how is your client supposed to stick out when every brand and their mother are using email? By using effective email marketing strategies, of course.

This Effective Email Marketing Strategy Leads to Top Results


Personalization is often considered the most effective email marketing strategy out there. And that’s because it delivers, according to this SalesFuel blog, based on data from Forbes Advisor. Roughly 46% of customers will buy more when given a personalized experience.

Unsurprsingly, a report by Litmus found that many of the top email trends of 2024 have to do with personalization.

Subject Lines

According to Litmus, the email element with the biggest performance improvement thanks to personalization is the subject line. 77% of email marketers agree that email performance improves with this effective email marketing strategy.

If you want to take emails to the next level of personalization, Litmus also recommends adding personalized:

  • Emojis in the subject line: 73% of email marketers agree
  • Animated GIFs or PNGs: 72%
  • Personalized dynamic content: 68%
  • AI-​generated copy: 34%
  • Videos: 34%

Using AI to Generate Copy

Of course, your client can’t stop their personalized efforts at the subject line. They need to follow through with the copy. Litmus says that elements with some performance improvement when combined with personalization include:

  • Personalized dynamic content: 68%
  • AI-​generated copy: 34%

Yes, you can use AI to generate personalized copy. A previous SalesFuel blog based on data from Deloitte, found 55.28% of companies using AI do so for content personalization. Make sure that when you edit the AI-​generated copy, it highlights content consumers are most likely to engage with, including:

  • Loyalty program promotions: 84% of consumers are likely to engage with these emails
  • Discounts and coupon codes: 84%
  • Sales promotions and holiday coupons: 80%
  • Offers tailored to each recipient’s interests: 78%
  • Product announcements: 76%
  • Exclusive VIP offers: 75%”

Bonus: Using AI for email copy creation doesn’t just benefit consumers. It saves you and your client a ton of time that can be put toward other marketing efforts. That’s why it’s quickly becoming an effective email marketing strategy.


If your client is still working their way toward hyper-​personalized emails, don’t worry. There are still strategies you can lean on in the meantime. One is email segmentation.

According to Litmus, almost all (over 90%) of email marketers say that segmentation boosts their email performance at least some. You can segment your client’s upcoming emails based on:

  • Demographics: Use this information to send relevant content and offers
  • Geography and time zone: Use this to customize copy language and email send times
  • Purchase history: Use this for inspiration for special offers
  • Email engagement: Use to primarily engage with subscribers who actively interact with your client’s emails
  • Devices and email clients: “Experiment with more or less text-​heavy messages between devices
  • Self-​selected preferences: “Let subscribers opt-​in and out of content for holidays, events, or product categories”

Email segmentation is the simplest way to ensure you’re sending the right messages to the right person at the right time. You don’t need any technical skills to create segments of your audience, either. The only thing you need to decide is what segments you want to create.”

Want more demographic and other marketing information on your client’s target audience(s)? Check out their profile(s) on AudienceSCAN on AdMall by SalesFuel.

Are you starting to see the light on personalization in emails and how easy they are to personalize? Making these simple changes is bound to drastically increase consumer engagement with your client’s email ads. It’s time to take advantage of this easy yet effective email marketing strategy.

Photo by: Brooke Cagle