AdMall Ad Response Data Leads to Sports Card Store Marketing Campaign

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: Develop a sports card store marketing campaign for a new location

Logan Long, a marketing consultant for Your Home Stations, was brand new to the sales game when he first logged into AdMall and used it to approach a local sports card store looking to expand its market footprint.

As a recent college graduate with my first job out of school being as a media sales rep, AdMall has proven to be very useful for me,” said Long.

The owner of the [sports card store] started the business through social media [with a passion for sports] and card collecting, but when it quickly took off and grew, he has since committed full time to this business. Much of this is done over the internet and allows for customers all over the country.”

[The sports card store]’s business has maintained growth and success, but with the more recent opening of his physical storefront he is looking to attract more customers in the surrounding area. That was the current challenge he is facing and what we hoped to accomplish through our advertising campaign,” explained Long.

Solution: Turn to AdMall’s AudienceSCAN Survey

Long’s first step in understanding what could help the sports card store's marketing need was mastering AdMall quickly to know what research to use.

The main way AdMall assisted with this aspect was identifying the top TV programs that [the sports card store]’s target customers are watching,” said Long. “Aside from traditional live sports (football and basketball), I was able to find very high watch rates when compared to other US adults in programs such as WWE, various soccer leagues, and racing. Identifying these will help to find unique customer opportunities we otherwise would not have known of.”

The sports card store marketing plan that Long came up with focused on traditional broadcast TV over 4 major stations: NBC, FOX, ABC, and CBS, with heavy focus on sports programming.

Result: Long’s first sale as a media sales rep

The sports card store owner was impressed with the research Long presented and agreed to an annual contract of $5,200.

Thanks to AdMall, I have been able to quickly feel more comfortable in client conversations by backing up what I say with accurate data to make my first ever sale and continue to layout successful plans for my future clients,” said Long.

Though new to the media sales world, having closed a sale using AdMall, Long has advice for any other sales reps who may be new to the product looking for ways to leverage its data.

I would recommend AdMall because [it allows you] to quickly feel comfortable engaging in conversation with industry professionals. [As a sales rep], we are experts [on] media and services but are not as familiar with our client’s business and [their] trends. AdMall lets you get a quick, yet detailed, look into different industries to be familiar with what your clients’ needs are, while also being able to ask them questions they may not have ever considered because of the data and intelligence that is available through AdMall.”

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