AdMall Assists AE With $98,000 Eye Surgeon Advertising Sale

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: How to stand out among other local eye surgeon advertising

BethAnn Mueller, a senior account executive from NJ Advance Media, has been in media sales for over 20 years, so she had long established a working routine for her sales pitches. About four years ago, she started to incorporate AdMall into that routine, which proved useful when pitching an eye surgeon advertising campaign.

We work with the representatives of a group of Lasik eye doctors,” said Mueller. “They want to increase their scheduled surgeries in a highly competitive area.”

Solution: Use AdMall to show a value proposition

AdMall helped to identify areas of opportunity, along with collaborating on media to employ, to address the full customer buying cycle and is always part of the value proposition during a sales presentation,” said Mueller.

In this case, discussing the [eye surgeon advertising] opportunities i.e., targeting athletes and baby boomers helped move the sales process to a close and facilitated the creative process too.”

Result: An all-​digital eye surgeon advertising sale

This was a current client who began with a smaller program during the pandemic,” said Mueller. “We sold all digital [that included] ad words, display, video, and content marketing. AdMall’s local intelligence report was used to set up the value proposition [for the eye surgeon advertising sale].”

The final amount for the sale was $98,089. Mueller also had recommendations for how new reps should be using AdMall and detailed her experience with it over the last few years.

I recommend [AdMall] to my teammates constantly,” said Mueller. “All of the AdMall intelligence reports help [you] to be more knowledgeable and speak with the customer more intelligently. I was a little slow to ramping up on where, and how, to get around AdMall, but once I realized what it offered, I started using it frequently. I’d say in the last year I have invested time to learn all that it offers through the online training. I attend the webinars when I see one that offers information that I find valuable.”

AdMall’s Local Account Intelligence Report is available for over 400+ business types and provides a myriad of research from the local, state and national level. It is the baseline report a rep should run before their first sales call that will put them on a level playing field with a potential client.

Everything from market demographics, consumer spending, marketing/​budget figures, top products sold, industry challenges and opportunities, and more can be found in this report. If you’d like to learn more about the Local Account Intelligence Report, feel free to register for the next AdMall 101 webinar in AdMall’s Learning Center.

More About: Ophthalmologists/​Eye Surgeons

Ophthalmologists are doctors with full medical or osteopathic degrees. These professionals can perform surgery. Optometrists have full college degrees and four years of professional training, but they do not possess medical degrees. Both professionals are trained to screen for, diagnose and treat vision conditions. Opticians have two years of post-​high school training during which they learn how to apply vision products to diagnosed eye conditions. Opticians order, design, sell, and repair eyeglasses and other vision-​related products.

Ophthalmologists practice in a variety of settings including private practice, eye clinics and hospitals. Ophthalmologists have been able to expand their revenue base in recent years by adding specialized services, such as laser surgery. There are approximately 16,964 active ophthalmologists across the country. Ophthalmologist businesses number approximately 5,722 and report revenue of $12 billion.

Industry sources estimate that local ophthalmologists and hospitals represent approximately 70% of the laser vision correction market.