AdMall Diagnosis Call and Presentations Tools Lead to $10,000 Sale

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: Help replace client’s current marketing campaign

Danielle McNeely, of the Statesville Record & Landmark, was doing her due diligence as a salesperson when she happened upon an unexpected sales opportunity with a local civic center.

I had only called upon the civic center when we had a special section coming up,” said McNeely. “Then it hit me one day, I had never asked them their budget, specific goals or what else they had been investing in. So, I asked. I learned they had a healthy budget and I was barely getting a crumb of it.”

McNeely found out that the civic center had signed a contract with another company that was supposed to be covering their listing services and targeted display ads. McNeely also learned this client had seen no ROI with their current campaign and was looking for a replacement.

Solution: Present AdMall research to support sales pitch

In referring to the initial call with the customer, McNeely said, “I learned a very valuable lesson that day. Always ask the questions. Always perform a needs analysis with every customer.”

Any user of AdMall can access the Diagnosis Call tool from AdMall’s homepage. But McNeely went a step farther after this call and created a sales presentation to showcase all of AdMall’s research.

I love the presentations being put together for me,” said McNeely. “It makes the selling process so much easier. Some of the specific slides used were the opportunities/​challenges slide, peak sales months slide and the target customers slide.”

Result: A reinvigorated client

McNeely’s presentation went off without a hitch and this local business bought in on the spot with the total sale eclipsing $10,000.

They signed a 12-​month Find-​It-​Local contract,” said McNeely. “[It] included a directory page on Statesville​.com, management of their listing services and SEM. The contract is an investment of $859.00 monthly. In addition, they also invested $2,000.00 into local banner ads for one month and are committed to several printed special sections throughout the year.”