AdMall Helps Auto Dealer Successfully Connect with a Spanish-​Speaking Audience

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: Figuring out how to advertise to a Spanish-​speaking audience

Ben Mendoza, a sales assistant of under a year at KKTV, had frequently used AdMall in the relatively short time he’s been at his station and knew that it would help him when he approached a local used car auto dealer looking to advertise more effectively with the Spanish-​speaking audience in their market.

The business owner looks like your typical used car dealer, [but he’s] a very kind man and wanted to reach a marginalized community here in Colorado Springs,” said Mendoza. “The main challenge they were facing was growing a lead list of the Spanish-​speaking audience.”

Solution: Use AdMall’s target demographics tools

With the help of AdMall, I saw what zip codes had the most Spanish-​speaking households and used AudienceSCAN to see what tactics work best with Spanish speakers in our area,” said Mendoza. “AdMall helped me choose which zip codes to start targeting [the Spanish-​speaking audience] with and to help me take the first steps in choosing what type of strategy to use to best utilize their advertising dollars.” 

We formulated a trial plan of using strictly digital products to target this demo, and I sold them on OTT, pre-​roll on KKTV​.com, audience targeting video/​display, and app opens on our news app.”

Result: A sizable increase in clientele

The auto dealer had been a current client, but after Mendoza’s pitch, bought into digital advertising for the first time with KKTV. They agreed on a six-​month plan for $12,000 to try and reach the specific Spanish-​speaking audience demo.

At first, we were getting a huge traffic boost to their website, but no one was form filling,” said Mendoza. “So, we worked with another one of their advertisers to get a Spanish landing page built and since then they have generated more leads than they have with any of their other current Spanish advertising channels.” 

For any rep who might be new to AdMall and is unsure on how to best utilize its sales tools, Mendoza had a recommendation.

I would recommend peers utilize AdMall to help feel comfortable with the client and [learn] about their industry,” said Mendoza. “I know we all know the products we sell, but we often don’t know the world the client is coming from. So, using AdMall, I try to get in the mindset of these potential clients to see if I can better understand what their needs are on a macro level, so I am better prepared to hear their personal problems and then know what products we have to offer that would best suit their needs.”

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