AdMall Helps Increases Client Ad Spending by 178%

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: Find a way to turn “no” into “yes”

In the world of media sales, one learns to have thick skin. That’s because for every sale made, there are twice as many lost. But such is the nature of the business. If all the pieces don’t fall into place, a solid pitch can often be DOA. Jordan Estes, a multimedia account executive for the Statesville Record & Landmark, was hoping to solve that puzzle when he called on a local insurance company. The owner was a hardliner notorious for turning down proposals, so it was up to Estes to stand out from the pack. That’s where AdMall came in.

Solution: Present compelling evidence on where to advertise

According to a study conducted by SalesFuel, over 64% of small business owners want sales reps to have a basic understanding of their business. That kind of research can be time consuming and hard to come by, but AdMall makes it easy. And so Estes was in a prime position, confident in the data he pulled up using the Opportunities/​Challenges section from AdMall’s Local Account Intelligence Report on insurance companies. “I love the Opportunities/​Challenges section of AdMall. This is information I cannot find anywhere else,” said Estes. “It let [the customer] sit back and realize that I was in there to help them with their specific needs, that I was getting invested in their business and not just in there to try and sell something.”

Result: A deal worth more than expected

As with many businesses, the owner had a specific budget in mind going into talks with Estes. But after seeing the value of Estes’ report, he went all in. “He was a hard client to sell and when he realized that we had this great proposal that AdMall helped me put together, he took the time to listen to me,” said Estes. “When we started talking, he was originally going to spend around $900. After the presentation was done, he was spending $2,500.”