AdMall's Co-​op Data Leads to Big OTT Sale

BY Kathy Crosett
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Emily-​Ann Trautman, a marketing consultant for WXLV/​WMYV, has only been selling media for about a year and a half but has used AdMall since day one at her position. Her AdMall use helped position her as a knowledge expert when she approached a local tractor company looking to utilize co-​op advertising funds they had accrued. “I used AdMall to research co-​op opportunities, found a great one with Kubota, then searched for Kubota dealers in my area,” said Trautman. "I believe AdMall helped me help them because it allowed me to get a better understanding of how their co-​op works, to help them make the most of their advertising spend.” 

The main challenge [the potential client] was facing was that they weren’t entirely sure how their advertising dollars were being used with their previous partner. The industry itself is having issues with inventory, but they’re doing fine with it. They just want to drive more business to their locations.” Going through the client’s co-​op opportunities, Trautman was able to find approved ads for the co-​op funds, including OTT ads targeting landowners of one or more acres. “There are specific radiuses that we determined based on each location and where their customers are coming from,” said Trautman.

I got the opportunity to create a plan for all three of their locations: two in North Carolina and one in Florida. They ended up going with [a] three-​month sale consisting of OTT for each location for a regional sale totaling $22,500.” According to Trautman, the client is happy so far with where everything is running. Additionally, she had a recommendation for anyone, new or old, who needs advice on how to use AdMall. “It really helps with the process by telling you opportunities in your area and giving you all the information necessary to sound like a pro in whatever industry you’re going after."