AdMall’s Consumer Spending Data Closes $36,000 Ad Sale for Child Care Service Advertising

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: Will child care service advertising help a retiring business owner?

Andrea Pasman, a five-​year account specialist with Effectv, was an experienced rep, but needed a new tactic when approaching a local child care service owner who was looking for a seamless way to retire and pass down his business to their children.

The [child care service] owner has multiple businesses, and they are very data savvy,” said Pasman. “They own a refurbished furniture store in addition to a children's day care center.  They are nice, forward-​thinking and discerning with business and advertising proposals. The owner will soon be retiring from their child care service business and handing it down to their children to run.  They wanted to add additional clients to make the business healthy and sustainable for the future generation of ownership.”

Solution: Turn to AdMall’s Local Account Report, including Consumer Spending Data

AdMall provided data and insights to show how the industry is currently trending, potential target audiences, advertising response rates, and consumer spending,” said Pasman.  “Utilizing industry trends, we were able to collaborate to show [the child care service business] which features of their business would stand out against their competition and what should be featured in their commercial creative.”

Being able to see which households utilize day care centers was eye opening as it was a bigger demographic than originally assumed. This allowed us to pick an appropriate target audience to focus their campaign on. Advertising response rates showed that investing in Cable TV and Streaming advertising would deliver a return on their marketing investment. Lastly, utilizing consumer spending by zip code was the clincher. Being able to show them how much is spent on day care in their target geography combined with our ability to geographically target those areas was huge. They saw that they had a lot of opportunity to grow their business and steal [market] share from other competitors.” 

This showed the client they were only getting a small portion of the pie and they had a lot of growth opportunity. All the data from AdMall Pro combined with our TV and streaming advertising services won the client over.”

Result: A new client following a successful child care service advertising pitch

The child care service advertising pitch sounded great to the prospects and they agreed to buy a campaign valued at $36,000, with room for more spending in the future.

This initial campaign for the child care service closed for $36,000,” said Pasman. “However, we were then able to talk to them about their additional business of refurbished furniture and also closed a campaign for $26,000 for that business as well.”

Pasman has advice for any sales rep who might be new to AdMall but are looking to get the most out of it.

There is so much industry information in AdMall that makes it easy to both understand and discuss a business’s needs with a client,” said Pasman. “It quickly makes you an industry expert even if you have no experience with that specific industry.” 

AdMall’s Local Account Intelligence Report is available for over 400+ business types and provides a myriad of research from the local, state and national level. It is the baseline report a rep should run before their first sales call that will put them on a level playing field with a potential client.

Everything from market demographics, consumer spending, marketing/​budget figures, top products sold, industry challenges and opportunities, and more can be found in this report. If you’d like to learn more about the Local Account Intelligence Report, feel free to register for the next AdMall 101 webinar in AdMall’s Learning Center.

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Demand for child care has continued to increase steadily since the 1950s. As the number of working women increases, similar increases in the need for quality child care are expected. Large well-​known programs include KinderCare and La Petite Academy. As children approach school age, parents often enroll their children in child care programs in order to improve socialization skills and to give children a strong start in the educational environment. A 2021 study found that the average enrollment for child care centers was 67% and the average daily attendance was 62%.

Day care revenue totals approximately $54 billion.