AdMall’s Digital Audit Convinces a Former Client to Come Back

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: Try to re-​introduce a digital campaign to a client who had a bad experience

Danielle McNeely is so stranger to success. The Multi-​Media Specialist from The Statesville Record & Landmark has used AdMall to close many sales since she started selling advertising in the fall of 2017. So, when a local animal hospital called her to purchase print advertising about their company’s name change, McNeely didn’t see it as a simple sale. 

I had to have the conversation with her that it was not enough to run some print ads and she also needed to think about her information online,” said McNeely.

Come to find out, the animal hospital previously had a contract for a digital campaign with McNeely’s paper, but wasn’t happy with the results. McNeely’s upsell opportunity suddenly became much more difficult.

Solution: Show the client the most effective target demographic

The biggest hurdle, according to McNeely, was just getting in the door. “She really did not want to give me a chance to talk to her about revisiting that avenue at all. I was eventually able to secure a presentation appointment and I used AdMall’s Digital Audit to pull research online about her direct demographic and reputation online.”

In addition to the audit, McNeely created a sales presentation that included information from the Local Account Intelligence Report — specifically, the Industry Opportunities and Challenges section and the Value of a New Customer chart. This kind of detailed industry and audience information was enough to convince this former client to give digital another shot. 

Result: An annual sale of $9,000 in both print/​digital advertising

The client ended up buying Find It Local directory page & listing services and search engine marketing. To say the client was happy with the result would be an understatement. 

[My client] is extremely pleased with her campaign as a whole,” said McNeely. “We meet monthly to go over her digital reporting. She is always happy and telling me it performs well. Her staff has jokingly actually asked her to stop advertising due to her phones ringing so much!”