Adopt New Learning Trends to Hack Your Biggest Challenges

BY Kathy Crosett
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We (people, teams and companies) compete at the speed of adaptability but adapt at the
speed of learning, and the rate at which you learn determines your survival.” This is Jess Boss’s take on what businesses need to stay competitive. In a Forbes column, Boss outlines several learning trends that your team should be using if you want to stay on track.

Executive Coaching

You’ve charged your senior managers with leading their teams to success. Whether it’s meeting sales targets or making the deadline for the next product release, reaching the goal is always challenging. Team members might fall apart under pressure, or the sales star is suddenly arguing with the product development manager about adding a new feature.

No matter how effective you think your team is, problems happen. If your leaders aren’t equipped to handle these problems, your teams aren’t going to meet their deadlines. You can get ahead of this situation by enrolling your top folks in executive coaching programs. Boss points out that 77% of businesses are set to increase their investment in these programs. The industry is already generating $2 billion in annual revenue, a figure which indicates business leaders see good value in executive coaching.

Online Learning

There’s nothing new about online learning. What is new is corporate America’s acceptance of these programs as a way to improve executive leadership performance.  Senior managers have long flocked to college campuses and other physical locations for short but intense training sessions packed with industry peers. While this type of training remains effective, it’s not always convenient for senior managers to fit these programs into their busy schedules. Flexibility is one of the benefits of online learning. Your executive team should be signing up for online learning sessions to help develop the skills they’ll need to handle the challenges they’ll encounter.

Read the rest of the learning trends highlighted by Boss. It’s worth exploring these alternatives in order to help your team members and your business succeed.