Are Your B2B Clients Investing in the Best Digital Campaigns?

BY Rachel Cagle
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Is your B2B client creating ads that will gain and hold the attention of potential customers? According to a report from Vidyard, 44% of B2B buyers say that ads positively impact their view of companies. That’s up 10% since just last year! But what kinds of ads should your client be creating for the most effective digital campaigns? Let’s find out.

Are Your B2B Clients Investing in the Best Digital Campaigns?

B2B Ad Types

Overall, Vidyard recommends that B2B advertisers focus on digital campaigns.

Social Media

According to Vidyard, younger generations are more likely to notice ads than their older counterparts. Younger generations include millennials and members of Gen Z, while the older generations are Gen X and Baby Boomers. Millennials and Gen Z are also more likely than Gen Xers and Baby Boomers to be positively influenced by ads (54% vs. 36%).

With that information in mind, one of the ad media types Vidyard recommends for B2B digital campaigns is social. “54% of young buyers are influenced by social media ads, compared to 40% of older buyers,” says Vidyard. The social media platforms younger generations are most active on include:

  • Instagram: 25% of younger generations favor this platform
  • Facebook: 18%
  • TikTok: 13%
  • Twitter: 11%
  • YouTube: 4%

But the great thing about social media is that all generations enjoy it. Sure, younger generations are more influenced by social ads, but social media is still the top channel where all generations see ads, according to Vidyard. Additionally, according to SalesFuel's 2023 Voice of the Buyer survey, "In the past 30 days, 43% of B2B buyers have taken action as a result of seeing an ad on a social network." For older generations, the platforms they prefer are:

  • Facebook: 19% of older generations favor this platform
  • YouTube: 18%
  • Instagram: 14%
  • Twitter: 7%

Although percentages for the generational divide were not provided, Vidyard says that LinkedIn is the top channel for every generation at a cumulative 36%.


According to Vidyard, 22% of B2B buyers in the younger generations are influenced by CTV ads. 18% of older generations’ B2B buyers claim the same. CTV’s popularity makes sense. According to a previous SalesFuel blog based on data from Yahoo, CTV ads:

  • Outperform traditional TV ads
  • Work even when the TV is off
  • Often provide viewers with useful information that they don’t mind having their viewing interrupted for

Digital Banners

To balance out your B2B client’s digital campaigns, they should add banners on digital publications and websites. According to Vidyard, banner ads impact 26% of older generations’ B2B buyers and 14% of those from younger generations.

To find out what types of websites and publications your client’s target audience prefers, as well as more details about how social media and CTV ads impact them, look up the audience’s profile on AudienceSCAN on AdMall by SalesFuel.

Must-​Have Information on Your Client’s Website

No matter which ad types your client chooses for the digital campaigns, the B2B buyer’s next move will probably be to check out your client’s website. When they get there, they’re looking for specific information, according to Vidyard. That information is:

  • Pricing and Competitive Information: 66% of B2B buyers look for this information on potential vendors’ websites
  • Relevant Content that Speakers Directly to Their Company: 63%
  • Communication that Speaks Directly to and Demonstrates Expertise Around the Needs of Their Industry: 55%

Once they have that information, B2B buyers will look for:

  • Pricing: 79%
  • Features/​Functionality: 76%
  • Reviews: 65%
  • Vendor/​Seller Demonstrated Experience with/​Knowledge of Their Industry: 65%
  • Deployment Time/​Ease of Use: 56%

So, you and your client probably have a lot of content marketing work to do to make their website competitive.


Focus on social media, CTV and digital banner ads, as well as optimizing your client’s website and content marketing to make their upcoming digital campaigns a success.

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